Mental illness is hard to understand. Warning: This article contains spoilers. The British show never let their viewers know that this behavior was destructive, as Effy didn’t face any consequences, not until the later seasons. Mental illness is hard to understand. A different personality takes over his body and controls it. A lot of people get confused about where to draw the line. As the movie continues, it becomes clear that something is wrong with Sarah. Total Recall (1990) Cancer isn’t pretty. A lot of well known people have been open about dealing with anxiety. This explanation lines up with people who have DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder. If you live with mental illness, a show like You’re the Worst is downright revelatory. Joker is a very accurate depiction of his mental illnesses. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind depicts Joel with accurate symptoms of anxiety but it's never confirmed and his … Society is becoming more open about talking about mental illness. Silver Lining Playbook 2012 critically acclaimed drama film, which fetches the talented Jennifer Lawrence the Academy Award for Best Actress, is one of the best Hollywood movies to watch. It makes affected people unable to live a normal life. Close to 20% of the U.S. population reports some form of mental health condition or illness per year. This site uses cookies. Although it is a cartoon, Finding Nemo does a splendid job of explaining short-term memory loss. When done right, share it and celebrate! 7 Roles Leonardo DiCaprio Was Rejected For (And 8 He Turned Down). Throughout the centuries, there have been many artists who have played the role of the tortured genius with aplomb. Mental illness is still not portrayed enough in the TV industry. As bad as these movies have gotten mental illness wrong, some TV series like Monk, Sherlock, and Glee have broached the subject no better. When mental health issues are misrepresented in TV and movies, help to shed light on this by adding to the conversation surrounding it. But with one in four people dealing with such conditions, mental illness is a topic that can't afford to be ignored. Perhaps you … But mental illness is not romantic or glamorous; it can be crippling and life altering. There are several ways to treat OCD, such as medication or cognitive behavior therapy, but Sid's mental illness went POOF, and was gone. Somehow our move to “delete the stigma” surrounding mental illness has drastically changed towards a trend to “romanticize the stigma.” While mental illness isn’t something people should be scared of, it also isn’t something that people should aspire to have. And most of all, death is not beautiful. By romanticizing something we typically mean that mental illness is made more aesthetically or more appealing than it is. Movies are great for sparking conversation about topics that wouldn't otherwise be talked about because they offer a perspective from a different world with different people and different struggles. Watch it with someone you trust and who you can talk to. Mental illness, self-harm, eating disorders and suicide are not beautiful. Think about your own mental health when watching any of these because they might be triggering. Although mental illness should become a normalized discussion in society, this topic should be taken seriously. Leonard's wealth of knowledge about his condition and the movie's accuracy involving the illness makes this movie very accurate. Social media has turned mental illness into a trend that is glamorous, which shifts our focus from people who are actually suffering from any such illness, by invalidating their experiences. Some movies about mental illness do more harm than good because they misrepresent mental illnesses or romanticize them. My mental illness isn’t romantic. Because there are still lots of series and movies out there that handle this subject the wrong way, we wanted to make things easier for you. Society today, especially through the media has romanticize mental illness to be not what it is: an illness, but rather a decision that someone makes. Yet, it’s still important to think about how the efforts to reduce this stigma has actually led to more problems. In most TV shows and the news, mental illness is … Shutter Island is another movie that plays tricks on the audience. The movie itself is quite abstract and surreal, but it does tell the story of a girl struggling with her mental health. Rain Man showcases autism in a (mostly) real way. In this movie, mental illness is just used as a trope to scare teen audiences without a hint of accuracy. Don Jon is a film that centers around a man named Jon that has a porn addiction. David Tennant stars as … The platform…, 6 New Series to Binge on Netflix This Month, Besides adding new seasons to some of our favorite shows like ‘Jane the Virgin’ and ‘Modern Family’, Netflix also treats…. Taking the medication is a big decision that Kat has to make. There are health and wellness blogs online and there are television shows and movies that portray some form of mental illness. Whether it’s some trendy post about what mental health “is” or how people with mental health illnesses “actually” are, it’s pretty likely to be somewhere in the social media sphere. Share on Twitter. Not all movies will be to the benefit of unknowing audiences. Whether it’s some trendy post about what mental health “is” or how people with mental health illnesses “actually” are, it’s pretty likely to be somewhere in the social media sphere. And that is dangerously tragic in itself. If you’re experiencing suicidal thoughts or are in need of a conversation, you can reach out to a suicide hotline in your country via And that is dangerously tragic itself. It’s an empty deflection. Bruce Banner having DID is a fascinating theory but not a very accurate one. When Bruce Banner turns into the hulk, he blacks out. Dory is aware of her condition, explains it properly to another character, and displays proper symptoms throughout the film. They’ll try to be like the people in the shows. Does anyone even read the descriptions to these videos? But with everything good comes the absolutely terrible. It’s extremely important to de-stigmatize mental illness, so in general, it’s good news that today there are many more conversations online and in the media about mental illnesses. Although TV shows and movies have been doing a better job recently of depicting mental illness in a more accurate way, not all of them hit the mark. A few years ago, Netflix released a show called “13 Reasons Why.” … One such example is Netflix’s show Thirteen Reasons Why , which, as the title states, details the protagonist’s “reasons why” she committed suicide through a series of tapes she recorded before ending her life. Shawn Coss, for example, has tackled them numerous times in 2016 as well as 2018. Mental illness and low self-esteem are terrible things, however, it seems that in our effort to destigmatize them we have begun to romanticize them. In fact, even in the world of comedy Anime, mental health is often the butt of every comedic release.There are ways to talk about mental illness without having to romanticize it or getting too dark. My girlfriend was not the love interest in the novel of my life; that is to say, mental illness is not something to romanticize, something that we should hope our significant others have just so we can shield them from it with our love Mental illness can be used as an option for comedy, but it comes off more that people are laughing at the characters rather than with them. The series does a great job of portraying the illness. The link between mental illness and art is nothing new. The American adult animated series Bojack Horseman (2014-2020) has received critical acclaim for their portrayal of mental illness. Addiction is caused by abusing a substance and mental illness can be caused by addiction. “Misery loves company and no one wants to be alone,” Christine Oliver, a counselor at Indian Hills Middle School (IHMS), said. Mental illness is not romantic. Finding Nemo is a great film to explain this mental illness to kids as well as adults. The movie gives audiences the explanation as to how he became mentally ill as far back as his mother's trauma and his future if he's willing to get help. Girls from all around the world wanted to be like Effy: they changed their wardrobe to all black, wore smeared eyeliner, and started acting as destructively as Effy did. Basically, self proclaimed philosophers who romanticize the shit out of mental illness. But that’s not how it is in real life. Important note: The movie can be anxiety-inducing, so if you have a history of mental illness or anxiety, take this into account. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. A wrong portrayal of mental illness can affect viewers negatively. Mostly viewers that are already struggling with their mental health or have a predisposition towards it.