Updated Updated 01/03/2016 Keywords: Government, In-depth interview, Media, News, Politicians, Private officials 1. – Shadow minister for communications, Michelle … Media ownership has been an agenda topic for the Howard government since it was first elected in Mass media ownership and its effects on different aspects of mass media performance were the subject of many studies. The Media Ownership Bill proposes a 5/4 rule in order to allow cross-media transaction and increase competition in Australian commercial media markets. Pressure is on Labor and crossbenchers to pass Coalition media reforms. Is Australia ready to scrap its 30-year-old media cross-ownership laws? Cross-media ownership is where one company owns a radio, newspaper and TV channel in Australia, this is illegal it because creates a monopoly/oligopoly of the market place; where one company controls all media outlets and then controls the whole market. Sony also owns non-media assets, including a bank, financial holdings, and a creative suite. The 5/4 rule provides for a minimum of five separate traditional media 'voices' in metropolitan radio licence areas and … These non-media assets don’t publish information, but they certainly play a major role in Sony’s financial success. Last, Sony has a portfolio of investments, much like other media companies on this list. Who owns who in Australia’s media With media ownership restrictions scrapped, the industry is likely to see more mergers and marriages between its major players. Sound understanding of competing spheres of influence that interact in the realm of media ownership policy allows legislators to best formulate the directions of Australian … Investments. Australia’s level of media ownership concentration is already one of the highest in the world. Mass media are seen as a social medium that contributes to building strong nations, current media ownership pattern and the level of media control in Nigeria actually hinder the media from independently setting society’s agenda. Indeed, Nationals leader Warren Truss wants to ensure that “genuine localism” is maintained should there be any changes to cross-media ownership laws. Media ownership has been an evolving “hot topic” in Australia as the government grapples with the problem of keeping its cross media ownership laws relevant, in an age where new technologies are blurring traditional media boundaries. This was published 3 years ago. Non-Media Assets. Despite Australian media ownership being amongst the most concentrated in the world, at the behest of powerful proprietors, ... the so-called “independent media” meant that there was a new diversity voices in the media landscape, making cross ownership laws largely needless. AUSTRALIAN CROSS-MEDIA OWNERSHIP RULES AND FREEDOM OF POLITICAL COMMUNICATION. This topic attracts many scholars due to importance of mass media in social life of society and its ability to affect publics. PAUL JONES [*] I PREAMBLE: THE ENDURING REALPOLITIK OF AUSTRALIAN MEDIA POLICY. It is the ability of the media to give salience, INTRODUCTION The media and communication are closely related. In doing so, this article finds that cross-media ownership regulation requires the careful balancing of competing influences.