Shop This Sale. 3 seater sofa and wing back chair for sale, Marble Coffee & Fire Place with build in Electric fire. centersection(); } if (end == -1) { var setStr = null; box-shadow: 0 0px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) !important; if (offset != -1) { date = new Date(); var $paramssld = []; // for lighbox container correctly viewing in small sizes } width:100%; z-index:20; The chest appeared to have been painted a vintage green a good while ago, judging by the color. We are proud to call ourselves Irish furniture market leaders with 5 star customer service, superb furniture choice, excellent value for money, with Showrooms in Ireland and Northern Ireland. function reSortImages() {// for lighbox container correctly viewing in small sizes var lightbox_scrolling = false; We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Some wear. likeNumber=likeNumber.slice(0, -3)+'k'; var lightbox_transition = 'elastic'; jQuery("span.huge_it_like_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").parent().removeClass('like_font_active'); Vintage Dublin is an antique’s store located on Capel Street. 2 668mm wide 101cm high. jQuery("span.huge_it_dislike_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").parent().find('.dislike_thumb_down').addClass('like_thumb_active'); Whether it is a second-hand bed, a second hand wardrobe or any other item, you will be able to find the perfect solution to create a nice and tidy space. Providing your items are re-usable and in a sale worthy condition we welcome View our 30 luxurious lifestyle options in our showroom on the Donore Road in Drogheda for some inspiration to emphasise your life style with our unique furniture. Second hand Furniture (in selected stores only) Find the details of your local SVP Charity shop, such as contact details and opening times, by using the shop locator below. position:relative; Here at Emporium World of Furniture we have an extensive collection of second hand, antique and new furniture. }, } end = cookie.indexOf(";", offset) } 53.7167718,-6.3543536. status:status date.setHours(date.getFullYear() + 1); if (end == -1) { Second-hand shopping in Enable Ireland charity shops is also a great way to give back to your local community and support disability services. $container.hugeitmicro({ } Find ottomans, lounge suites, armchairs, coffee tables, entertainment units, dining room sets, beds and bed headboards, kitchen tables, chairs and cupboards, as well as desks, chairs and storage solutions.Choose to buy brand-new or more affordable second hand furniture. var $sortBy = jQuery('#sort-by'); jQuery("span.huge_it_dislike_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").parent().find('.dislike_thumb_down').removeClass('like_thumb_active').addClass('dislike_thumb_down'); var cook=getCookie('Dislike_'+image_id); Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Sustainable home decorating Unique finds Value for money. offset += search.length; The shop is located near Uthiru Junction Near Nuclear Petrol station. }) padding-top:5px 0; }) dislikeNumber=dislikeNumber.slice(0, -6)+'m'; setTimeout(function(){ var lightbox_initialHeight = '100'; text-decoration:none !important; Must be collected ASAP. .clear{ We've been in the business for over 10 years and stock an impressive range of new and second hand furniture in our Drogheda store, including: 29mm depth for all silver insert 2 units 512mm wide, 180cm high. See photos for further viewing. Five Reasons You Should Sell With Morans Furniture Stores, Vivinspire | Brand & Web Design Experts, Ireland, Saves you the hassle of doing it yourself, Exposes it to a huge number of potential buyers. jQuery(window).load(function(){ "; secure" : ""); display:block; Shop This Sale. transition: bottom 0.3s ease-out 0.1s;'',data,function(response){ .entry-content a{ max-width:350px; 1 460mm wide, 101cm high. jQuery("span.huge_it_like_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").parent().addClass('like_font_active'); jQuery("#click").click(function(){ bottom:-35px; When it comes to interior design, it seems there is a definitely a shift towards things antique and vintage. /*************************************************************/ } jQuery("span.huge_it_dislike_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").attr('data-status','unliked'); jQuery(".slider-content").each(function(){ $container.hugeitmicro('shuffle'); 0866679886 Austin Morco Building The Mall ,North Quay , Drogheda . -o-transition: bottom 0.3s ease-out 0.1s; var dislikeNumber=response.dislike; var; We can also sell your old furniture for you. Discover All Furniture & Interiors For Sale in Ireland on DoneDeal. onOpen:function(){ alert('onOpen: colorbox is about to open'); }, In great conditions. Find your second-hand furniture! color:#FF0D0D !important;; Emmet St, Ballina, Co Mayo | Thurs – Sat: 10am – 6pm Closed Lunch:1-2pm jQuery(this).text(function (_,txt) } if(response.dislike<0)response.dislike=0; if(<0); } masonry : { response=JSON.parse(response); jQuery("span.huge_it_dislike_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").attr('data-status','disliked'); } jQuery("span.huge_it_like_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").parent().addClass('like_font_active'); jQuery("span.huge_it_dislike_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").attr('data-status','unliked') jQuery("span.huge_it_dislike_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").parent().find('.dislike_thumb_down').addClass('like_thumb_active'); Price ($) Any price Under $25 $25 to $50 $50 to $100 Over $100 Custom. onComplete:function(){ alert('onComplete: colorbox has displayed the loaded content'); }, height:100%; }); var lightbox_innerWidth = 'false'; var newCookie=getCookie('Dislike_'+image_id); We keep a constant supply of office chairs, desks, storage units and all your office furniture needs in stock at all times. delCookie('Dislike_'+image_id); } var image_id=jQuery(this).parent().find('.huge_it_like_count').attr('id'); margin:0px 0px 10px 0px; We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. if(resStatus=='unliked'&&resStatus2=='unliked'){ 5 days ago. if(response.dislike){ { "; domain=" + domain : "") + Wholesale of Second hand 5-star Hotel furniture, Restaurant and Office Furniture, Stainless Steel Kitchen Equipment, Home appliances and Home Decor. value = $this.attr('data-option-value'); Unit 18, East Coast Business Park, Matthiew's Lane Drogheda Louth Ireland 04198 92022 //jQuery("span.huge_it_like_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").text(response.statLike); } else { ... furniture, Second Hand Stores. } We admit that ready-made furniture has … background:#99C5FF !important; .element_2 .image-block_2 .play-icon.vimeo-icon {background:url( center center no-repeat;} } clear:both; ... 945. Perfect ... Wicker table 2ft 8 inches long X 18inches wide. } var search = " " + name + "="; Organization. dislikeNumber=dislikeNumber.slice(0, -9)+'b'; itemSelector : '.element_2', }else if(response.statDislike=='Dislike'){ } var lightbox_fixed = true; ((path) ? We deliver to Dublin , … delCookie('Like_'+image_id); jQuery(this).parent().find('.like_thumb_up').addClass('like_thumb_active'); Wogan Interiors are a family run company who have been supplying high quality furniture for 3 generations. Furniture & Curiosity Shop PLEASE PRIVATE MESSAGE YOUR QUERIES border-radius:0px; Reg. cellsByColumn : { $container.hugeitmicro( options ); masonryHorizontal : { }else if(resStatus=='unliked' && resStatus2=='liked'){ } Free delivery nationwide, order now online or by phone border-bottom: none; }, } options[ key ] = value; end = cookie.length; 35 talking about this. We stock new and second hand furniture. var thumbLike; In today's episode I take you guys along as I check out a second hand shop in Uthiru. document.cookie = name + "=" + escape(value) + jQuery('#shuffle a').click(function(){ ${ }); Copyright © Morans Furniture Stores $container.hugeitmicro( options ); if(response.dislike){ We have been in business for ...more. }); } Discover All All Sections For Sale in Ireland on DoneDeal. .element_2 .image-block_2 {background:url( center center no-repeat;} Quality second hand furniture ideal for you! if(thumbLike=='liked'){ return false; if(maxwidth>900){maxwidth=900;} } READ MORE ABOUt US. delCookie('Like_'+image_id); Furniture in Drogheda (Results 1 - 20 of 82) Switch to Map. Attach your CV and get the best Job. jQuery(this).text(function (_,txt) Here at Emporium World of Furniture we have an extensive collection of second hand, antique and new furniture. Office: Franks Furniture Stores Ltd., North Link Retail Park, Coes Road, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland, A91 R894 R 1 500 . var lightbox_trapFocus = true; var $this = jQuery(this); .element_2:hover .title-block_2 {bottom:0px;} jQuery(this).text(function (_,txt) Our shops are open Monday – Saturday from 9:30am - 5:30pm. Quality, Affordable Second hand, Antique & Vintage Furniture. reSortImages(); else if(likeNumber.length>9||likeNumber.length>10||likeNumber.length>11){ height:auto; ★ furniture ★ Drogheda ★ Louth ★ Ireland ★ Foscadh Housing Association ★ Foxhall Country Kitchens ★ Sofa Company ★ Casa Caterina ★ fine english furniture hire ★ DARREN NUGENT ★ furniture - companies - Drogheda - Louth ... hand built furniture action:'huge_it_video_gallery_ajax', "; expires=" + expires : "") + jQuery("#huge_it_gallery_container_moving_2").width('100%'); rowHeight: 'auto' var lightbox_previous = "previous"; Office. jQuery("span.huge_it_like_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").attr('data-status','liked') } response=JSON.parse(response); { width: 'auto' }; getSortData : { Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. var lightbox_slideshowStop = "stop slideshow"; } number : function( $elem ) { Storage Furniture – 20% Off. Very good condition. Chai & Chai Trading - one of the best second hand shop that buy and sell second hand furniture, used office furniture, used computer & etc. More info  We Care. 2 418mm wide 101 Got It! }); position:absolute; 3 seater black leather sofa for sale. Promoting the Beauty of Reclaimed Wood & the Inventiveness of Modern Upcycled Designs. }); } } It doesn’t matter what kind of products you are looking for: oak furniture , pine furniture , Scandinavian furniture or space saving furniture , there is a wide range of items in these furniture stores . var $container = jQuery('#huge_it_gallery_container_moving_2'); Der größte Online-Flohmarkt im Südtiroler Land - A92 X21Y. jQuery(".gallery_group2").colorbox({rel:'gallery_group2'}); } $optionSet.find('.selected').removeClass('selected'); else if((likeNumber.length>6||likeNumber.length>7||likeNumber.length>8)&&likeNumber.length<10){ } Find and get the details of Furniture in Drogheda - IrelandBuySell date.setHours(date.getFullYear() + 1); } .load_more_button4:hover{ background: rgba(0,0,0,0.8) !important; width:100%; Website by Vivinspire | Brand & Web Design Experts, Ireland. var lightbox_arrowKey = false; }else if(resStatus=='liked'){ else if(jQuery(this).text().length>9||jQuery(this).text().length>10||jQuery(this).text().length>11){ Opening Times; Website jQuery(".callbacks").colorbox({ jQuery("span.huge_it_like_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").parent().removeClass('like_font_active'); Hier kannst du alles aus Südtirol kaufen oder verkaufen: vom Affenkäfig bis zur Zahnbürste. return result; }) Donec rutrum congue leo eget malesuada. jQuery(".iframe").colorbox({iframe:true, width:"80%", height:"80%"}); }else{ color:#0074A2; date = new Date(); Products Shop For Every Room. .element_2 .title-block_2 { size. var image_id=jQuery(this).parent().find('.huge_it_dislike_count').attr('id'); Buy and sell Dining Tables & Chairs on if ( key === 'layoutMode' && typeof changeLayoutMode === 'function' ) { if((likeNumber.length>3||likeNumber.length>4||likeNumber.length>5)&&likeNumber.length<7){ var lightbox_title = false; Furniture in Drogheda. jQuery("span.huge_it_like_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").parent().find('.like_thumb_up').removeClass('like_thumb_active').addClass('like_thumb_up'); } If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. return false; if(resStatus=='unliked' && resStatus2=='unliked'){ } .element_2 .image-block_2 img { return false; , Louth. var isHorizontal = false; position:relative; left:0px; cook:getCookie('Like_'+image_id), ((expires) ? outline:none; Learn More. has thousands of fantastic products for you to choose from across thirteen online categories. var lightbox_slideshow = false; }else if(resStatus=='liked'){ jQuery(".vimeo").colorbox({iframe:true, innerWidth:640, innerHeight:390}); }); jQuery(window).resize(function(){ Organization. } Our wide selection of Living Room Accessories will help you complete the exact look you want. Search for Secondhand Furniture and other retailers near you, and submit a … jQuery(".gallery_group_"+groups+"_"+i).colorbox({rel:'gallery_group_'+groups+"_"+i}); 20% off desks and tables. A simple phone call or email will book your slot for pick up. end = cookie.length; jQuery("span.huge_it_dislike_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").parent().find('.dislike_thumb_down').removeClass('like_thumb_active').addClass('dislike_thumb_down'); Purchasing furniture from our store will put a unique, personal stamp on your home furnishings. } var end = 0; var offset = 0; Family run EZ Living Interiors has been operating for over 30 years. Furniture Drogheda. Irish Designs & Statement Pieces From Around The Globe. At second chance furniture we strive to sell the best at the cheapest possible price. Furniture r us are a large second hand furniture warehouse in Paphos we also do house clearances and man with a van services no job too small Store Location. $container.filter(':animated').stop(); var $optionSet = $this.parents('.option-set'); Shop Online and In-store with Harvey Norman Ireland. Square table (metal-glass) in good condition. date = new Date(); var i = 1; response.dislike=dislikeNumber; jQuery("#main-slider_2 .clone a").removeClass(); Northern Cape, Karoo. $this.addClass('selected'); } font-size:16px !important;; Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. var cookie=setCookie('Like_'+image_id, randomString(10, '0123456789abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ'), date.toUTCString()); They are trained to pack, load, transport and unload your movable property efficiently and with no errors occurring in the process. cursor: -webkit-zoom-in; cursor: -moz-zoom-in; Letting Morans Furniture Stores sell your second hand and used furniture for you: There’s always a market for quality used and second hand furniture. task:'dislike', function changeLayoutMode( $link, options ) { Because there's quite a bit of demand for second hand furniture, there are many such online stores. } task:'like', color:#FF4040 !important; If accepted, we display it in store & online. return false; jQuery('#click').css({"background-color":"#f00", "color":"#fff", "cursor":"inherit"}).text("Open this window again and this message will still be here. var lightbox_top = false; .icon-style4{ ///////////////////////////// I sell new and pre loved furniture }); With over 100 shops around the country, it will be easy to find one near you. var search = " " + name + "=";'',data,function(response){ Ready to ship in 1–3 business days. We accept donations and sell furniture … var options = {}, 53.702496,-6.3786825. } var groups = 2; } We have been in business for over 10 years and our furniture ranges from contemporary furniture to retro pieces and antiques. } All Removals works with amazing teams of professional furniture removals in Drogheda, who are experienced, fully vetted and insured. return parseInt( $elem.find('.number').text(), 10 ); }) Buy and sell Furniture on While I’m not new to second-hand furniture, this one was probably a little more than second hand. if(response.statDislike=='Disliked'){ $container.hugeitmicro('reLayout'); "; path=" + path : "") + if({ width: 100%; return txt.slice(0, -6)+'m' var lightbox_height = ''; Unfortunately we have such an extensive range of furniture that we are unable to show them all on our website. Selling your old furniture can be time-consuming and frustrating. .element_2 .image-block_2 .play-icon { 4 640mm wide 101cm high. 20% off desks and tables. We look for pieces that have a past life, that have character and have been made by someone who loves … This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. return txt.slice(0, -6)+'m' columnWidth : $paramssld['ht_view6_width'], }); 11 were here. } columnWidth : $paramssld['ht_view6_width']+10 jQuery('.huge_it_gallery_like_cont_29335 .huge_it_like_thumb').each(function(){ 2 were here. thumbDislike=jQuery(this).attr('data-status'); var cookie = " " + document.cookie; else if((jQuery(this).text().length>6||jQuery(this).text().length>7||jQuery(this).text().length>8)&&jQuery(this).text().length<10){ date = new Date(); Second hand with no gas price r850, with gas r1500. We are based in Drogheda. var; return parseFloat( $elem.find('.weight').text().replace( /[\(\)]/g, '') ); }, .element_2 .title-block_2 a:hover, .element_2 .title-block_2 a:focus, .element_2 .title-block_2 a:active { } Furniture Stores in Drogheda (Results 1 - 20 of 46) Switch to Map. } CTI is Ireland's leading company in executive office furniture both new and second hand. else if(likeNumber.length>9||likeNumber.length>10||likeNumber.length>11){ jQuery('.huge_it_gallery_like_cont_29335 .huge_it_like_count').each(function(){ { Ottoman second hand … isHorizontal = $link.hasClass('horizontal'); Browse our extensive online shop and purchase our top quality furniture at highly competitive prices. var elementwidth=$paramssld['ht_view6_width'] + 10 + 0; We Sell New & Secondhand Furniture. The debate about customised sofas versus ready-made ones isn’t new. jQuery("span.huge_it_dislike_count[id='"+image_id+"']").text(response.dislike); 53.702496,-6.3786825. We can also sell your old furniture for you. else if(dislikeNumber.length>9||dislikeNumber.length>10||dislikeNumber.length>11){ $paramssld['ht_view6_width'] = (350 >= jQuery(window).width())?jQuery(window).width():350; var lightbox_photo = false; jQuery("span.huge_it_dislike_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").attr('data-status','disliked') width:100%; ((secure) ? } } Excellent condition. professional Comfort. Moran Furniture Stores, Ballina: quality, affordable, second hand, new and antique furniture. Below is a list of NCBI shop locations and phone numbers You can also view the NCBI Map of shop locations. jQuery("span.huge_it_like_count[id='"+image_id+"']").text(; likeNumber=likeNumber.slice(0, -9)+'b'; $sortBy.find('.selected').removeClass('selected'); if(response.statLike=='Liked'){ var lightbox_maxWidth = maxwidth; if(response.statLike=='Liked'){; var lightbox_slideshowSpeed = 2500; } We buy & sell second hand furniture, collectibles and old wares for your space. Shop new or second hand furniture for your home online. ((path) ? var lightbox_scalePhotos = true; offset = cookie.indexOf(search); document.cookie = name + "=" + escape(value) + jQuery("span.huge_it_like_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").parent().find('.like_thumb_up').addClass('like_thumb_active'); var resStatus2=jQuery(".huge_it_like_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").attr('data-status'); Furniture Stores Drogheda. jQuery("span.huge_it_dislike_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").parent().removeClass('like_font_active'); var group_count_slider_clone = 0; return txt.slice(0, -9)+'b' Storage Furniture – 20% Off. var lightbox_preloading = true; return $elem.attr('data-category'); }); Drogheda Used Furniture for Sale, Buy, Sell @ Classifieds - Drogheda Used Furniture for Sale, Buy, Sell for over 1000+ cities, 500+ regions worldwide & in Drogheda - free,irish,Louth,classified ad,classified ads,secondhand,second hand Items Available For Upcycling & Re-Upholstering. } jQuery(function(){ else { var sectionwidth= whole * elementwidth;} Check out what we have on offer today while stocks last! return(setStr); } Our business is selling furniture so why not let us do it for you…. function getCookie(name) { .paginate4 a{ .load_more_button4 { $paramssld['ht_view6_width'] = 350; text-align:center; } var newCookie=getCookie('Like_'+image_id); } else { } Our services are totally professional as we buy or sell second hand furniture. var lightbox_opacity = 0.201; /******************Clone bug update***************************/ Find Secondhand Furniture near Louth, get reviews, directions, opening hours and payment details. .load_more4 { We pick and choose the best new designer furniture on sale along with high quality second hand furniture so you save time and money. Contact Dundalk. var lightbox_closeButton = false; } Directions (086)6679886. response.dislike=dislikeNumber; var data={ }); } left:0px; But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. 4 str sofa (W) 240cm x (D) 105cm x (H) 73cm. Dark Mahogany coffee table for sale. position:absolute; name : function ( $elem ) { List of furniture stores in Drogheda LH: find addresses, phone numbers, email, social networks, photos, customer reviews and more. var $this = jQuery(this), Pieces that bring a smile to your face. Moran Furniture Stores, Ballina: quality, affordable, second hand, new and antique furniture. reSortImages(); var resStatus=jQuery(this).parent().find("span.huge_it_dislike_thumb[id='"+image_id+"']").attr('data-status'); .element_2 { "; domain=" + domain : "") + Products Shop For Every Room. if (offset != -1) { For every item sold on Two Design Lovers we are donating $4 to the Freedom Hub, our charity of choice. second hand furniture. weight : function( $elem ) { function delCookie(name) { jQuery(".inline").colorbox({inline:true, width:"50%"}); ★ Second Hand Stores ★ Drogheda ★ Louth ★ Ireland ★ Austin Greene ★ MICK MOORE ★ furniture, Second Hand Stores, Second Hand Stores, jQuery(".gallery_group"+i).colorbox({rel:'gallery_group'+i}); var cookie = " " + document.cookie; } } $sortBy.find('[data-option-value="random"]').addClass('selected'); { if(resStatus=='unliked'){ jQuery('.huge_it_gallery_like_cont_29335 .huge_it_dislike_count').each(function(){ Learn More. World's biggest furniture firm to resell second-hand Ikea items in bid to be 'climate positive'. Hi welcome to, we are based in Drogheda. font-size:19px !important; 2.5 str sofa (W) 185cm x (D) 105cm x (H) 73cm function getCookie(name) { margin-top: 25px; Shop online on our eBay Charity Shop. Furniture stores located in Drogheda, County Louth. var lightbox_speed = 800; The best addresses for Furniture in Drogheda - (There are 06 results for your search. var setStr = null; We stock over 90% of our furniture ensuring quick delivery. Website Established in Dundalk in 2000, CTI Business Solutions is one of Ireland’s largest A-Z business solutions providers in the country. Our collection ranges from contemporary furniture to retro pieces and antiques. display:inline-block; var cookie=getCookie('Like_'+image_id); var lightbox_initialWidth = '300'; We specialise in house clearances, furniture and stock collection. function setCookie(name, value, expires, path, domain, secure) { jQuery('.huge_it_gallery_like_cont_29335 .huge_it_dislike_thumb').each(function(){ } We check your items through whatsapp or physical survey and we give quotation as your furniture … return $elem.find('.name').text(); Save 40-80% on Quality, Like-New Furniture. These cookies do not store any personal information. thumbLike=jQuery(this).attr('data-status'); ((domain) ? Surfaces unblemished due to bespoke toughened safety-glass table tops (included in sale). Tel: 01 9121850. else if((likeNumber.length>6||likeNumber.length>7||likeNumber.length>8)&&likeNumber.length<10){ } var lightbox_slideshowStart = "start slideshow"; $this.addClass('height2'); var lightbox_close = "close"; This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. }else if(response.statLike=='Like'){ 1 570mm wide, 101cm high. var style = isHorizontal ? if ( number % 7 % 2 === 1 ) { We believe that furniture must have a personality as well as be beautiful and affordable without compromising on quality. Second hand furniture is often a great option for finding unusual furniture or saving a lot of money. Call us now. We are CJM and we buy & sell quality used house, office & bar furniture throughout Ireland from our 20’000 square foot warehouse in the Marina Commercial Park in Cork.

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