If you cannot access the old phone number that the account is initially set up with, you need to contact Weibo's customer support and prove to them you're the person. But, first things first. Please help me. They will usually give you a longer list of documents that you need to prepare, with examples and detailed instructions. Once your account is approved, a blue “V” will be displayed next to your account, similar to the verified badge on Twitter. Do you still have access to the old number? This doping effect accounts for the enhancement of conductivity and the decline of work function of SnO 2, ... Weibo Bian, Jihuai Wu, Hierarchically Anatase TiO2 microspheres composed of tiny octahedra used as mesoporous layer in perovskite solar cells, Electrochimica Acta, 10.1016/j.electacta.2019.135281, (135281), (2019). The cytosolic mtDNA then drives the activation of noninfectious inflammation. 3 Weibo registration name states that it has been registered, what do I do now? There's not such a thing as a Weibo company account. We ran an advertising campaign on Weibo for Maersk Line, and in our first two months we received 9K followers and daily enquiries related to hiring. Receive a list of the required documents, confirm the name of the account and write a short bio. Ding also plays for the national team and represented China at the 2016 Olympic Games in London. Now Sina Weibo is making things a bit easier for people outside of China by permitting signing up for it via a Facebook account. You should be able to register using your e-mail address. Later on, we suggest organising giveaways or other online events to encourage users to interact with your posts and increase visibility. Be sure to include the name of your company and the URL of the personal Weibo profile you have just created in the email though. Click the link to activate your Weibo account. Send over the signed forms and other necessary documents. Do you know why this is required when we originally choose to use email to sign up? The present study investigated causes and risk factors of mortality in a hemodialysis-treated end-stage kidney disease- (ESKD) and a non-ESKD population with staphylococcus (S.) aureus endocarditis. Q: Are Sina Hong Kong and Sina in mainland China different? I tried to login last night and today -- I wasn't able to use my username. I can't sign up so what should I do? From Berlin to Stockholm, and Madrid to Bucharest, here are the key European art dealers. Click the yellow button to confirm and proceed on. It is indicating that they don't recognize my phone number, ID, or username. Additional documents and an extra 2-3 days are required if you are applying for an advertising account and the overall process is usually longer for schools and universities. People are facing with the rise of fake or questionable news sources today. Below is the template we use in Shifu. Know your consumers, competitors and marketing channels. What you can do: Launched by Sina in 2009 it is really a mix between Twitter and Facebook in terms of functionalities. Before you set up a new account, you need to know that there are 2 different types of accounts on Weibo: personal accounts and company accounts, and both types can be additionally verified. Q: Can my Weibo account be used to advertise on Weibo? Is there anything else I could try? The Hotpot TV Shop. Build a following on WeChat, Weibo and Douyin. Agencies have an established relationship with Sina Weibo, and they will have gone through the process many times, making everything easier and faster. Norway, where we are located, is not on the list. Planar and Twisted Molecular Structure Leads to the High Brightness of Semiconducting Polymer Nanoparticles for NIR-IIa Fluorescence Imaging. Have you tried signing up using both mobile number and email? Help!! In order to start marketing on Weibo, you need to register an official account for your business. Find someone with a Chinese phone number to help you - either an individual or an agency, like us ;-). Data included in this analysis consisted of two population-based cross-sectional studies, i.e., the Xiangya Hospital Health Management Center Study and the Xiangya Osteoarthritis (XO) Study I. my name is Jean-Charles, I'm French and I have created a company based in Hong Kong (Fayuzenmeshuo Limited), and a website (fayuzenmeshuo.com) for Chinese people to learn or/and improve their French. Weibo: 李现ing Instagram: @mr.lixian. Weibo’s customer service site has been of no help. $21.99. It is the third edition of the Produce 101 China franchise. Use Google Chrome to browse Weibo. After filling out the required information, you also need to put your signature or company stamp on it. Actually, sign up Weibo account is pretty easy as long as you go to the right sign-up page. This step is mandatory (doesn’t make sense I know). Currently, almost all Weibo accounts (except in some specific industries) can apply to launch “Fan Connect” advertising on Weibo. Why would I say that? – He enjoys sunlight, the beach, diving, art, and literature. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. All journal articles featured in International Journal of Digital Earth vol 13 issue 10 The Hotpot TV Shop. A: Sina Hong Kong and Sina in mainland China are totally identical, and your account will be accessible and visible to users both on the mainland and outside of China. The documents, such as an application letter or a Weibo community convention etc., are usually prepared by an agency that assists with the account verification. I went as far as attempting to create a brand new account but failed because I was unable to receive anything by using all the options provided, i.e. Brands can set up and verify a Weibo account to push out communications to passive social media users and also target specific Chinese demographics through Weibo instream ads. It is entirely different to register and verify a Weibo account as a foreign business than a local one registered in China. When you post a new short message on Weibo, your followers will be able to see it in their Weibo home timeline. The Romance of Tiger and Rose (Chinese: 传闻中的陈芊芊; pinyin: Chuánwén Zhōng De Chén Qiānqiān) is a 2020 Chinese streaming television series starring Zhao Lusi and Ding Yuxi, and tells the story of a young screenwriter who must survive after being trapped in her own script, with her character meant to die early in the story. Can a Chinese company register a Weibo verified account for more than one foreign companies? Van den Berk et al. Verifying your Weibo page is an excellent way to earn trust and prove your busi… This helps you reach your target audience during their leisure time. 23 talking about this. Yes, you can also choose to register and verify your Weibo page using a Chinese business license. In short, there is no reason for you not to set up a company account. First, we will do research to see if there are any competitors present on Weibo, and if there is any industry-related news that users follow. If you can provide us with all the required documents immediately, the whole process can be completed in approximately 10 working days.. We have our own contacts within Sina and as we have extensive experience working with them, it would be a little bit faster than if you approached Sina yourselves. 22-jul-2020 - น้ําฝน จ่ะ descrubrió este Pin. Lines and paragraphs break automatically. Could he help me out? I post pictures and dramas! The risk of infective endocarditis (IE) is markedly increased in patients receiving chronic hemodialysis compared with the general population, but outcome data are sparse. I don’t have acess to a Chinese phone number, so I have not been able to try that, but I have tried with the phone numbers of a few friends, all of which also could not receive the SMS message with the verification code. SHOW MORE. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. Even using an email registration, it requires a phone number for verification and keeps saying that the maximum number of attempts has been reached, but I have only tried once. Standard data analysis pipelines for digital PCR estimate the concentration of a target nucleic acid by digitizing the end-point fluorescence of the parallel micro-PCR reactions, using an automated hard threshold. However, be cautious that an oversimplified definition like “Twitter’s copycat” doesn’t tell what Sina Weibo really is, because when you put your hands on it, you can find so many differences between them. Most importantly, Weibo can help your business gain more recognition as information about your brand spreads through word-of-mouth recommendations between users. Go to m.weibo.cn, the mobile version of Weibo. It refers to a post that always stays on top, with any recent updates appearing below. For example, creating a Weibo page as a foreign business will have a verification fee of 1,000 USD, compared with 300 RMB for a Chinese company. Please, if you tried #1 or #2, let us know if it worked for you! Hello guys! Is there a way to change my phone number on Sina weibo? Period. An ultrathin MgO coating was synthesized via atomic layer deposition (ALD) to improve the surface properties of the Li[Ni0.5Mn0.3Co0.2]O2 (NMC) cathode. Little Corner of Zhang YuXi! Contact us today →, Get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox, 10 Jul 2018 – Like all marketing in China, there are some details to consider and some paperwork to do before getting started. I want to change my phone number because i am getting a new phone. Usually, the whole process takes 2-3 weeks. I’ve tried using Facebook to register, but that also did not work, and I was unable to go through QQ either, having run into the same issue with my number not working. How to deliver Weibo content? If, for some reason, you do not have the paperwork that’s required to verify a branded account, we suggest registering a regular account, verifying it and then upgrading it to VIP. Learn how to set up a Weibo page as a foreign business. Some countries have had trouble receiving text message verification codes from Weibo lately. – His idols are actors Ha Jung-woo, Ryan Gosling and Tony Leung Chiu-wai. The singer previously had 43 million fans on Weibo, but lost many followers after his relationship announcement. – He enjoys sunlight, the beach, diving, art, and literature. Here we recommend you register as a Personal Account first. (e.g. $22.99. Get an estimated time of completion. 2 min read, 15 Feb 2018 – However, weibo has its own policy about weibo name verification. In mobile i can't change it because it always say invalid phone number. HONG KONG, CHINA, September 18, 2017 – HKT Limited (SEHK: 6823) has been undergoing a business transformation to capture growth opportunities in the digital era, and today it showcases some milestone achievements at a public forum alongside technology partner Huawei Technologies Co., Limited. Q: What is the difference between a regular Weibo account and a verified Weibo account? Since the research has gone viral on Chinese social media, Beijing Dongzhimen Hospital has responded to the controversy from its Weibo account (@北京东直门医院) with an official statement. Here a metagenomic study of seawater samples (n = 60) collected from different depths at 28 … Yes, SIR!” In addition, they left a short video greeting to fans in celebration of the new account… I'm from the Philippines, i would like to know if there are ways to change the email address used in account creation for Weiboo. Foreign companies can verify an account on Weibo with their foreign business entity. Q: Will a Hong Kong-based business license work the same as a mainland business license? I tries to sign up weibo via mobile phone.In personal information process I already put gender and date of birth.After I submit nothing happen.In few minute later it shown that can't appply.I have to rerun the process again but there has a message that my phones number tries many time. To account for this precision of focal DNA methylation hypomethylation during zebrafish cleavage stage, we reasoned that a “Placeholder” type of nucleosome/chromatin bearing particular histone variants and/or modifications might exist to antagonize DNA methylation in both sperm and transcriptionally quiescent embryos (Figure 1A). Actor: Ryan Ding Yuxi Name: Ryan Ding Yuxi Chinese Name: 丁禹兮 Height: 182cm Ethnicity: Han Chinese Profession: Actor Social Media Account: Weibo Love Meter. A bilateral knee anteroposterior radiograph was obtained … A macromolecular reporter whose near‐infrared fluorescence is activated by a bladder cancer biomarker and that efficiently undergoes renal clearance was synthesized. You can verify the account on your own, or through an agency such as NMG. I’ve been trying to register on Weibo for a few days now, but I cannot seem to receive an SMS verification code. Endoscopic transpapillary cannulation of the gallbladder is useful but challenging. Otherwise, you can contact Weibo’s branch in your country to obtain the documents. The timing of Weibo’s clampdown on cryptocurrency companies coincides with renewed scrutiny … Retinal microvascular endothelial cells (RMECs) play an important role in the inner endothelial blood–retinal barrier (BRB). Weibo will send you a QR code to the old number. Last season with the Shandong Golden Stars, he … 16,673 talking about this. – He … The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. However, on Weibo's website where I enter the login information. Improved methods are needed for predicting prognosis and the benefit of delivering adjuvant chemotherapy (ACT) in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC). We recommend Weibo to companies that want to increase their brand’s visibility, especially for consumer brands, or companies that work in the travel industry, etc. If not, it may be worth looking into other platforms, such as Zhihu. This study underscores the importance of deubiquitinases in hematopoietic stem cell function and reveals the role of USP15 in preserving genome integrity in normal and transformed hematopoietic cells. Click here By China mobile number. I have tried numerous times to register on Weibo.com. trending-up Trending Now. Feel free to download it here. Covalent modifications of histones and histone variants have great influence on chromatin structure, which is involved in the transcriptional regulation of gene expression. Not sure when they're going to fix it. The visual difference between a verified Weibo page and an unverified Weibo page is a blue checkmark,  but getting your Weibo account verified will surely bring you more benefits than that. Unlike wechat, weibo provide verification service for oversea companies. However, you can still do it yourself by contacting Sina Weibo’s branch via email or WeChat, but be prepared—the process may be much longer and may require some back-and-forth communication. Check your spam/junk folder for the email from Weibo. If it’s just for the account setup, you don’t have to provide any business documents. You may try setting up the account with a QQ account, but cannot assure it'll work. My Corner for Ding Yuxi - 丁禹兮 - Đinh Vũ Hề. This is not YuXi's official facebook page nor fanclub. In the case of schools and universities, the setup and verification is longer and requires more documentation. I supervised Liting Ding as the Ryan White Training Intern for the Winter/Spring of 2019-2020. Tao Han, Yucheng Xu, Meihua Shou, Zengqi Xie, Lei Ying, Chunzhi Jiang, Huanyou Wang, Shufang Ding, Gui Jin, Qiao Liu, Xiaoyi Huang, Linlin Liu, Energy level gradient trapping based on different work functions of ZnO enhancing response and stablity for lateral photodetectors, Organic Electronics, 10.1016/j.orgel.2020.105883, (105883), (2020). Q: How long does it take to secure a Weibo account through Nanjing Marketing Group? Because some people might go to the wrong sign-up page, the page is in Chinese. Li Xian Facts: – Born in Jingzhou, Hubei Province, China. [ SONG WEILONG WEIBO UPDATE ] 9.6.2020 I am very happy to be able to walk into Ling Xiao's life, it is really unforgettable. Or is that a separate account? We hope Jackie’s fans take note of the above official accounts. Sina Weibo has a verification policy, much like Twitter's account verification, for confirming the identity of a user (celebrities, organizations etc.). Little Corner of Zhang YuXi! $21.99. B.A.P opened their offical Weibo account, the Chinese version of Twitter, on August 20th and left their first post that reads, “Hello, we are BAP! Allowed HTML tags: