Accordingly, this compilation does not show the text of the compiled law as modified. Its basic function is to regulate the issues related to content and media ownership in Australia. routine operational transaction means a transaction that is carried out in the ordinary course of the day‑to‑day operations of the Corporation. (a)  an Advisory Council in relation to any State; (b)  an Advisory Council in relation to any Territory; and. 3, 1994; No. (1)  The Corporation shall not broadcast advertisements on any of the Corporation’s broadcasting services. (e)  accepting any payment or other consideration for or in relation to any announcement, program or other matter provided by the Corporation’s international television service and its associated audio channels outside Australia. 2, 1986; No. Corporation to have regard to services of the Special Broadcasting Service Corporation. No. (7)  Without limiting subsection (6), section 22 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (which deals with the application of government policy to corporate Commonwealth entities) does not apply in relation to the Corporation. (4)  The Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Department must give notice on the Prime Minister’s Department’s website of each person appointed to the Nomination Panel. (1)  A member of the Nomination Panel is to be paid the remuneration that is determined by the Remuneration Tribunal. 3, 1994; No. 131, 1998; No. LAWS v. AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTING TRIBUNAL (1990) 170 CLR 70. (2)  The resignation takes effect on the day it is received by the Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Department or, if a later day is specified in the resignation, on that later day. (2)  The disclosure must be made as soon as possible after the relevant facts have come to the member’s knowledge. means the day fixed under subsection 2(2). The details of amendments made up to, but not commenced at, the compilation date are underlined in the endnotes. authorized business means a business or other activity related to or incidental to the performance of any of the functions of the Corporation. 24X  Consultation, and selection of candidate not nominated by Nomination Panel. (6)  Subsection (4) does not apply to a digital media service that relates to the Corporation’s international television service and its associated audio channels. 91, 1983; No. (b)  any other particulars determined under subsection 321D(7) of the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 for the purposes of this paragraph. (5)  Without limiting subsection (1), the Corporation may borrow or raise money under that subsection in the currency of a foreign country. (2)  The Chair may convene a meeting at any time. (1)  The Chair presides at all meetings at which he or she is present. (3)  The Board may grant the Managing Director leave of absence, other than recreation leave, on such terms and conditions as to remuneration or otherwise as the Board determines. The Australian government on Wednesday introduced to Parliament legislation to force tech giants Google and Facebook to pay news organizations for their journalism. (b)  the Corporation shall take all such measures, being measures consistent with the obligations of the Corporation under paragraph (a), as, in the opinion of the Board, will be conducive to the full development by the Corporation of suitable broadcasting programs. - The US has asked Australia to scrap proposed laws that would make it the first country in the world to force Facebook and Google to pay for news ... flipped into Australian Broadcasting Corporation. (1)  The affairs of the Corporation shall, subject to subsection (2), be managed by the Managing Director. The Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) is the principal agency responsible for Internet content regulation in Australia. (1)  The Finance Minister may, by written instrument, delegate any of the Finance Minister’s powers or functions under section 70B or 70C to an official (within the meaning of the, Power of Minister to give directions to Corporation in the national interest, has the meaning given by section 13 of the, (7)  Without limiting subsection (6), section 22 of the, Report by ACMA on degradation of signal quality, Broadcasting of political or controversial matter, (2)  If the Corporation broadcasts political matter at the request of another person, the Corporation must, in accordance with any requirements determined under subsection 321D(7) of the. includes a political party, a corporation and any other association (whether incorporated or unincorporated). of sound recordings etc. national broadcasting services has the meaning given by section 13 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992. Australia's ten Territories are home to over half a million Australians. (b)  during any period, or during all periods, when the Chair is absent from duty or from Australia, or is, for any reason, unable to perform the duties of the office. (1)  The Managing Director may, either generally or as otherwise provided by the instrument of delegation, by writing signed by him or her, delegate to an employee of the Corporation all or any of his or her powers under this Act, the regulations or the rules, other than this power of delegation. (3)  The Minister may, by legislative instrument, specify a class of persons for the purposes of the definition of senior political staff member in subsection (1).

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