Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) is a United States Army proving ground and one of the largest military installations in the world. COMMISSIONS, BOARDS AND DISTRICTS: Title 4. (8/19) (Not Codified), 1556 Repeals Ordinance 1097 and Ordinance 1223, which adopted the Development Agreement with Park Cattle Company for the Muller Parkway Extension and the First Amendment thereto, and adopting a Development Agreement between Park Ranch Holdings, LLC and Douglas County regarding the Muller Parkway right-of-way dedication, construction, and development of property along the future Muller Parkway. (11/07), 1230  Amending Section 5.04.130 eliminating the requirement that receipts for application for registration or renewal as a gaming employee be issued in the form of a card. (1/98), 816    Repealing expired or completed development agreements for Cottonwood Village and Westwood Village Unit 4, phase B. (3/99), 872    Reclassifying the Superior Campgrounds of America property, dba Silver City RV Park, APN 21-280-05 from FR-19 to PR. (09/07) (Not codified), 1228  Amending Section 20.658.010, Non-residential district development standards (table), to exempt existing commercially zoned lots within the Towns of Gardnerville and Minden from the minimum lot area requirements  (01/08), 1229  Amending Section 5.06.040 to clarify that the alarm company calling in an alarm is responsible for payment of a false alarm fee should the alarm be deemed to be false and to have occurred at this location at lease once before in the last calendar month. Writer Bio. (4/17) (6/98) (Not codified), 828    Reclassifying the Walton's Inc. property, APN 25-142-05 from SFR-1 to OC. 8381 A General Ordinance of the City of Nevada, Missouri amending Chapter 28 of the Code of the City of Nevada, Missouri pertaining to Sewer Connection Fees. (11/09), 1294  Amending Title 20, Section 20.608.010, Procedures for amending master plan text, and Section 20.608.020, Procedures for amending master plan map, allowing amendments more than once per calendar year, setting the months for submittal, and setting the timelines for hearing by the Planning Commission and Board of Commissioners. (7/12) (Not Codified), 1361  Repealing Ordinances 601, 837, and 925, which adopted and amended the Valley Vista Estates II Development Agreement. (4/18) (Not Codified), 1502 A Zoning Map Amendment for Bently Enterprises, amending the existing zoning of NC and A-19 with a PD Overlay zone to SFR-8,000 providing for zoning consistency with the existing Single Family Residential master plan designation on a 9.22 acre parcel located at 1280 Dresslerville Road in the Gardnerville Ranchos, Gardnerville Ranchos Community Plan area (APN 1220-09-302-006). 103, land use plan (Repealed by 215), 108    Buildings and construction, repeals Ord. (9/96), 761    Adopting the second amendment to the development agreement for Sunridge Heights III. (06/06), 1173  Amending Title 20 as follows: modifying Section 20.650.010(C), MUC, minimum project floor areas and standards; modifying Section 20.658.010 non-residential district development standards providing for increased height and floor area ratios for MUC zones; modifying Section 20.662.10 providing a separate section for multi-family residential zoning districts; adding Section 20.662.125, providing for a separate section for mixed use commercial zoning districts; modifying Section 20.664.120 identifying this section for multi-family zoning only; adding Section 20.664.125 identifying this section for mixed use commercial zoning including design standards; modifying Chapter 20.666 non-residential specific standards modifying Section 20.668.080. (12/20) (Not Codified), 169   Dissolves and merges with Tahoe Douglas, 414    Adds 17.08.065 and subsection L of 17.28.010; amends subsection G(3) of, 17.28.140, subsection E of 17.32.010 and subsection C of 17.32.160, zoning (17.08, 17.28, 17.32), 540    Amends Section I of Ordinance 442 by changing the name of the Douglas County, 558    Modifying title 15 by creating chapters 15.02 providing for general provisions and, administration of codes and creating a separate chapter 15.24 for the uniform code for abatement of dangerous buildings and amending chapters 15.04, 15.06,  15.08, 15.12 and 15.16 to change the effective date and renumbering chapters 15.05. (01/94), 621    Amending section 17.32.010 permitted uses in the E-1 zone and deleting section 17.32.040 lots of more than twelve thousand square feet to provide that each single family residence be on a lot or parcel. (12/97), 807    Repealing ordinance 768 which added section 20.696.325. (5/97), 778    Authorizing the issuance of general obligation (limited tax) water bonds, series 1997A. (10/07) (Not codified), 1214  Establishing a public utility operator license fee; imposing quarterly fees on telecommunications service, personal wireless service, electric energy, and natural gas public utilities based upon a percentage of revenue; and other property related matters. PD 05-002) phasing plan, to allow the project to be developed in three phases, and extending the time to record the final maps for phase two and phase three to July 7, 2016 and July 7, 2018, respectively. (6/10), 1316  Zoning map amendment for Phats Pads, Inc. and Cave Rock Junction, LLC (PD 09-003) establishing a R-063/PD Overlay for 3.55 acres and a C-063/PD Overlay for 0.33 acres located at 1301 US Hwy. (07/91), 541    Amends Ordinance No. And, of course, a big thanks to Bently Ranch and Matt McKinney. (9/09), 1290  Adding Chapter 3.48, Filing Fees on Civil Actions in District Court for Court Security. (11/07), 1219  Amending Section 20.690.030(Q) Requiring Specific Design Standards For Single Family Homes Using Bear-Proof Trash Enclosures: Defining bear proof trash enclosures as permanent structures, delineating standards for where the enclosures must be located, separation requirements between the enclosure and residence(s), establishing a maximum size for the enclosure and requiring the enclosure is compatible with surrounding structures. (3/11) (Not Codified), Amending Chapter 6.16 Animals, Dog Restrictions-Penalty to update section 6.16.030 barking dogs, to clarify what constitutes  a barking dog for purposes of criminal prosecution. It is a subordinate command of the Army Test and Evaluation Command.. (03/05) (Not codified), 1124  Authorizing local improvement refunding bonds for Douglas County, Nevada, Genoa Lakes Improvement District. (9/93), 609    Amending section 17.12.080 expanding the areas for which notification of hearing is required. 907    Amending chapter 2.02 relating to personnel merit system. Courts. 1466 Reorganizing the East Fork Fire Protection District under NRS 474.535 as a district created by election subject to the provisions of NRS 474.010 to 474.450. (07/02), 1003  Amending section 2.32.040 to change the monthly meeting requirements of the Regional Street and Highway Commission. in Douglas County ordinance, section 11-74-(1) it limits tools, chainsaws, etc to 9pm. 3.32, fund for medical assistance to indigents (3.32), 437    Amends entirety of Ch. (12/14), 1429   Authorizing the issuance of the Douglas County, Nevada, Airport Revenue Bonds, Series 2014. (10/04) (Not codified), 1096  Adopting the Development Agreement for Aloha Ranch (APN 1220-17-0-601-001). (5/19) (Not Codified), 1539 A text amendment to Douglas County Code, Chapter 2.05 Whistler Blower Protection, to include provisions regarding the reporting of improper governmental action, the purpose of the protections as set forth by the Nevada Legislature, and clarifying the appeal process and procedures for local government officers and employees as allowed by Nevada Revised Statutes. (5/15), 1436   Amends Chapter 20.01 by placing a temporary moratorium on Solar Photovoltaic Facilities as a primary use, and amends Sections 20.654.020.130.O, 20.656.020.130.O, and 20.658.00.130.O to place a footnote in the table of permitted uses directing readers to Chapter 20.01. (06/90), 518    Amends Title 9 to add Chapter 9.28 making it unlawful to have an open container of alcoholic beverage within certain areas of Tahoe Township. 15.28, sign and advertising control, (15.28), 387    Amends 18.06.020, town boundaries (18.06), 388    Amends 18.02.040(7), 18.04.040(7) and 18.06.040(7), town boundaries (18.02, 18.04,18.06), 389    Amends 2.02.030(1), 2.02.060(E)(6), (F)(4), (a), (5)(d), (8), 2.02.070, 2.02.080(C), (16), 2.02.090(A), personnel regulations (2.02), 390    Amends Title 16, subdivision (16.04, 16.08, 16.12, 16.16, 16.20, 16.24, 16.40), 391    Adds Ch. pertaining to the minimum right-of-way dedication and minimum roadway improvements required with new development. (8/10), 1320  Amending Chapter 20.702 Zoning Districts and Standards, modifying/correcting the zoning district titles in Table 20.702.1 and adding a column to Table 20.702.2C that identifies Tahoe village Plan Area Statement 088 and the uses that are allowed. (5/97) (Not codified), 777    Amending section 20.696.160 modifying provisions for subdivision sales signs and flags and amending section 20.696.300 to permit freestanding signs on parcels of less than three acres. Douglas County called Carson City deputies stating that in the westbound lanes heading down the hill there was a vehicle, unknown if it was still moving, that was on fire. Devco, John C. Serpa property from NC to GC for APNS 13–106-01 and 13-107- 01; from MFR to GC for APNS 13-107-02, 13-103-09, 13-104-07, 13-110-11, 13-110-04, and a portion of 13-110- 05; from SFR ½ to GC for a portion of APN 13-110-05; from SFR 12,000 to GC for a portion of APN 13-104-02; and from SFR 12,000 to OC for a portion of APN 13-104-02. (01/94), 625    Amending chapter 16.32 by adding section 16.32.180, issuance of building permits prior to the completion of improvements. Almost every city has noise ordinance to deal with construction noise, boom boxes, loud parties, etc. (10/02) (Not codified), 1018  Reclassifying APN 1320-33-401-018 from the MFR zoning district to the NC zoning district. (4/00), 899    Adopting the first amendment to Douglas County redevelopment project area No. (11/12) (Not Codified), 1374  Approving a Zoning Text Amendment to delete Chapter20.616, Home Occupation Permit, and amend Chapters 20.654 through 20.668 and Appendix A to include new land use specific standards for Home Occupations. (1/93) (Not codified), 578    Adding section 18.04.130 to chapter 18.04 establishing the requirements and procedures and procedures for project review within the town of Minden. For Paul and Patricia Noreau, the problem is a neighbor who practices with his heavy metal band next door. (1/19) (Not Codified) (9/96), 760    Amending 10.20.030, providing notice of repossession. (9/16) 1460  Adopting the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the 2015 Northern Nevada Energy Code Amendments by amending Title 20, Chapters 20.800 Building and Construction Permits, General Provisions; 20.820 Review Procedures, Building Permits; and Appendix B-Uniform Code Revisions. 1483 A Zoning Map Amendment for Genoa Ridge Investors, LLC, modifying the existing Planned Development for Summit Ridge Phases 3B and 3C by establishing an SFR ½/PD and a PR/PD Overlay Zone for approximately 115 acres located 1,000 feet north of Mountain Meadow Drive within the Genoa Community Plan Area. (02/07), 1195  For Julian Larrouy and Sybil Dunagan, changing the zoing district for a 0.44 acre portion of a 1.79 acre parcel located at 900 Centerville Lane from A-19 to GC to allow the rebuild of the Valley Bar. DOUGLAS COUNTY OUTDOOR FESTIVAL LICENSE APPLICATION PACKET . COVID-19. (02/07) (Not codified), 1196  Changing the existing zoning district for Stone Creek, reclassifying one parcel totaling 8.49 acres from SFR-12,000 and SFR-1 zoning districts to MFR Planned Development Overlay Zoning District. (01/05), 1104  Amending Title 9 by adding a new section making it unlawful to dump personal property at a thrift store. Click here to return to the firearms laws on the state level. 15.06, Uniform Code for Building Conservation (15.06), 470    Amends 2.02.030 and 2.02.070, county personnel regulations (2.02), 471    Amends Ch. 30 of 167 (Repealer), 222    Code construction and definitions (1.04), 224    Amends Ord. (04/01), 957    Amending sections 20.660.150.D and 20.664.020 to modify the standardsrelating to accessory structures. (10/98) (Not codified), 849    Reclassifying the Roy and Susanne MacMillian property, APN 23-1780-02, from the RA-5 zoning district to the a-19 zoning district. (1/15) (Not codified) DOES NOT BECOME EFFECTIVE UNTIL RECEIVES FINAL TRPA APPROVAL. (5/16) 1469 A Zoning Map Amendment for Asian Pacific Group, LLC, changing the zoning district on a 9.6 acre parcel from PR to SFR-8,000 zoning district on APN 1420-18-510-041, located east of Highway 395, south of Ranchview Circle, and west of South Sunridge Drive, in the Indian Hills/Jacks Valley Community Plan Area. 99, 119, 120, 152, 7 of 129 and Art. 2 with Kingsbury, 169   Dissolves and merges with Tahoe Douglas (06/91), 534    Amends Section 17.30.060 clarifying the uses prohibited in the primary flood plain. (03/01), 954    Amending chapter 3.08 relating to motor fuel tax. 2.44, county driving policy (2.44), 275    Extends moratorium on tentative subdivision maps and land use changes (Special), 276    Adds subsections V--VIII to 10.16.040, speed limits (10.16), 277    Adds Ch. (03/94) (Not codified), 632    Adopting the development agreement for the Wildhorse Unit 6 Subdivision (03/94) (Not codified), 633    Amending chapter 17.72, trailers and mobile homes. (01/05) (Not codified), 1109  Reclassifying the Landmark Communities and John & Wendy Schopf property from MFR to MFR/PD planned development (02/05) (Not codified), 1110  Amending section 2.04.030 relating to the scheduling of board of county commission meetings, the elimination of three weeks notice for additional meeting, and conforming to the statutory requirement of two weeks notice, and section 2.06.050 relating to additional meetings of the planning commission and eliminating the need for a commission vote on an additional meeting. (8/97), 788    Initiating the proceedings for the amendment of ordinance no. (5/95), 693    Amending title 9 to create the criminal code. (6/92), 559    Amending chapter 2.02 revising county personnel regulations, and repealing chapter 2.40. (12/03), 1059  Adding section 20.660.110(H) “retail personal service uses” to allow restaurants to have accessory amusement devices such as pool tables, video games and other coin operated amusement devices. Provide your dog with plenty of exercise and a stimulating environment at home. 191 (Title 6, 9.04), 221    Repeals Ords. 10.24, bicycle paths (10.24), 462    Adds Ch. The Douglas County Zoning Resolution (DCZR) establishes land use classifications within zone districts. (11/94), 676    Adopting the development agreement for the Pruett Ranches Tentative Subdivision Map. The Tahoe Basin Regulations will continue to apply to all properties that are located within a Plan Area Statement or Community Plan that have not been replaced by an area plan. (6/92), 564    Amending section 18.06.020 to establish the boundary of the town of Gardnerville to include all recent annexations. (9/95) (Not codified), 722    Reclassifying the Vincent A. McCalla property APN 25-333-02 from R-1 to R-O (9/95)  (Not codified), 723    Reclassifying the Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District property APN 27-402-16 from A-1 to PF. (08/07) (Not codified), 1224  Creating Chapter 20.714 “Division of Agricultural Land for Conservation Purposes”, which includes new sections for “Ranch Heritage Parcels” and “Agricultural 2-acre parcels” and amended provisions for “Clustered Development” (a section moved to Chapter 20.664); adding the new Chapter 20.682 to create the “CR Overlay” to govern non-contiguous clustering and amending the “Floodplain Management” ordinance in Chapter 20.50 and the “Development Standards Table” in section 20.654.010 to allow the creation of smaller-than-19-acre parcels if they are legally created under Chapter 20.714. (04/05) (Not codified), 1119  Establishing a Gaming District Overlay zone on a 1.29 acre parcel, to allow the development of a gaming establishment  with a TC zoning district. (12/97) (Not codified), 810    Amending chapter 3.16 to allow the State Department of Taxation to collect the tax on aviation fuel. (4/10), 1310  Amending Title 5, Section 5.24 and Title 20, Section 20.690.030, Traveling Merchants to differentiate between mobile street vendors and traveling merchants. (9/10), 1321  Amending Section 20.620.040, Temporary Banner Permits, allowing a unit of operation up to two banners when the unit of operation occupies more than one story. (7/13) (Not Codified), 1391  Repealing Ordinance No. ( 03/05) (Not codified), 1125  For MDG Nevada, Inc., a zoning map amendment modifying the existing Mountain Meadows Planned Development by establishing a SFR- ½ PD, Planned Development Overlay Zone, a PR/PD Planned Development Overlay Zone. NAVBASE Ventura County Ordnance ... Community Relations Noise Complaint Form NB Ventura County Community Information. (12/89), 512    Amends chapter 18.04.070 establishing amended guidelines for street cuts and repairs Minden; connections to storm drainage system, to water system and to irrigation system. The county defined a noise disturbance as a noise that “interferes seriously with the neighboring residents’ reasonable use and enjoyment of their properties.”. DOUGLAS COUNTY, Nev. - During their Thursday, October 15 meeting, the Douglas County commissioners will hear a presentation about the work done … 2.08, employee travel expenses (2.08), 468    Addition of powers to Zephyr Heights General Improvement District  (Not codified), 469    Adds Ch. County Of The Week: Ventura. (02/00), 905    Reclassifying the Rolling “J” Ranch property, APN’s 23-120-10, 23-130-02, 23-270,68 and 23-280-24 through 23-280-52 from RA-5 and FR-19 to RA-5/PD(12) and FR-19/PD(12), respectively. (9/92), 568    Amending section 17.28.150 deleting paragraph B which prohibits creation of residential parcels within the primary flood zone. (6/12), 1365  Amending Title 5, Section 5.08 to completely revise the regulations on Liquor Sale Licenses. (6/20), 1570 Amends Section 20.668.280 relative to Non-Residential Uses Specific Standards, to revise standards for a Heliport in the Light Industrial Zoning District. (9/92) (Not codified) 571 Amending chapter 2.08 regarding approval of travel and meal reimbursements. (9/96), 756    Amending chapter 2.58, establishing the Douglas County Airport Advisory Committee. (Ord. (10/93), 616    Amending the existing open space assessment provisions of chapter 3.20. (04/90), 517    Amends Chapter 15.04.310 changing certain requirements of the fire suppression code for Lake Tahoe. (09/02), 1008  Amending sections 20.610.050, 20.612.010, 20.612.040, 20.676.020, 20.676.080 and 20.676.090 (transfer of development rights). (9/18), 1516 A Zoning Map Amendment for “Ruins to Riches, LLC” applying a “Mixed-Use Commercial” Zoning Overlay on parcel APN 1220-04-602-017. "Butch" Peri, pursuant to NRS278.0205 and DCC 20.400 in order to document and authorize interim modifications in a portion of the center median curb for Muller Parkway. (03/91), 530    An ordinance concerning the issuance of administration and public safety buildings refunding bonds. (7/12) (Not Codified), 1371  Approving a Zoning Map Amendment for The Ranch at Gardnerville, LLC modifying the 2004 planned development boundary (Ord. (5/15), 1434   Amending Title 18, Appendix C, pursuant to Section 18.06.020 and amending the Gardnerville Town Boundary by annexing three separate areas, totaling approximately 2.632 acres within the Minden/Gardnerville Community Plan, including all of APN 1220-10-501-002, and a portion of APN 1220-10-501-004 located at the Northeasterly terminus of Virginia Ranch Road, and a portion of the public right of way on Muller Parkway, approximately 420 feet east of Virginia Ranch Road. For just as many reasons in favor of curfews there will be objections. (05/01), 962    Amending section 18.06.100, town will provide commercial customers with dumpsters on request, providing for town-approved dumpster enclosures under specified conditions. (11/00) (Not codified), 934    Designated by the short title “2000" Water Bond Ordinance” (10/00) (Not codified), 935    Designated by the short title “2000 Sewer Bond Ordinance” (10/00) (Not codified), 936    Amending chapter 2.16 changing Department of Public Works to Department of Community Development. (09/01), 973    Amending section 20.708.050 to modify the provisions regarding the time requirement of the presentation of a series of final maps. Complain. Is music limited? limit for multiple main gear airplanes. 595    Adopting the first amendment to the Sunridge Heights Development Agreement. (12/08), 1268  Adopting the First Amendment to the Development Agreement between Gregory C. Lynn and Suzanne Towse, Trustees of the 1995 Gregory C. Lynn and Suzanne Towse Trust Agreement dated May 16, 1995 modifying the approved phasing plan and development schedule for the Aloha Ranch aka the Rain Shadow Ranch planned development adjusting the payments to be applied toward off-site road and transportation improvements. (11/95), 728    Amending sections 2.02.030, 2.02.040, 2.02.050, 2.02.070, 2.02.080, 2.02.090, and 2.02.100 of the personnel code. (02/01), 953    Amending section 20.668.060(H) (drive-through uses) to modify standards relating to the number of menu boards permitted for drive-through uses. (8/96) (Not codified), 751    Adopting the amendment to development agreement for Valley Vista Estates (8/96) (Not codified), 752    Amending title 13 to define parks and recreation director and to clarify various violations. (12/16) (Not Codified)  (8/98) (Not codified), 842    Amending section 20.100.090, roadway facilities, by adding a new section exempting certain public utility and service facilities for the requirements of the section. Marine 7 Boat Patrol . (4/18) (Not Codified), 1498 Amends Title 2 by adding Chapter 2.62 Records Management, Section 2.62.010 Disposition of Records, adopting a schedule for the retention of records and setting forth the manner in which records may be disposed of. (12/14). (6/14), 1412   Designated by the short title “2014" Sewer Refunding Bond Ordinance” providing for the issuance of its General Obligation (Limited Tax) Sewer Refunding Bonds (additionally secured by pledged revenues) Series 2014. 1462 Adopting the First Amendment to the Development Agreement between Mica Drive, LLC and Douglas County, extending the timeline to submit and complete phase on on-site improvements, and extending the time to record the final maps for phases 2a and 2b. 1461 Amending Title 18, Appendix C, the Gardnerville Town Boundary by annexing approximately 3.27 acres within the Minden/Gardnerville Community Plan, pursuant to 18.01.010, including all of APN 1220-10-601-002 located at 1144 Highway 395, on the West side of Highway 395 approximately 0.3 miles North of its intersection with Riverview Drive. (07/01), 964    Reclassifying APN 1320-27-001-005 from RA-5 to RA-5/PD(18). Bill No. (5/92), 557    Creating chapter 2.54 forming the Skyland Water Advisory Board. (10/04) (Not codified), 1090  Reclassifying the zoning district of two parcels totaling approximately 8.61 acres from RA-5 to SFR-2 APN 1319-09-501-001 and 1319-09-501-002. (11/97) (No codified), 796    Reclassifying the Jerald R. Jackson Trust property APN 19-300-15 from SFR-2 to SFR-2 PDZ(1). W roku 2000 liczba mieszkańców wynosiła 41 259. (6/93) (Not codified). (7/16) 226, publishing of agenda (2.04), 229    Repeals Ch. (03/89), 489    Amends Chapter 15.08 by adding section 15.08.080 to require woodburning stoves, premanufactured fireplaces and fireplace inserts installed after July 1, 1989 to meet emission control standards, to provide penalties for failing to comply. (10/14) (Not Codified), 1423   Approving a zoning map amendment for Ken Hendrix with Jenuane Communities, The Ranch, LLC to rezone .77 acres of APN 1320-33-210-069 from SFR-8000/PD to MFR/PD. Marine 7 duties are to enforce state boating laws, local county ordinances and promote safe boating practices. The subject parcel is 2.09 acres located at 1691 County Road in the Minden/Gardnerville Community Plan area (APN 1320-30-802-008). Read more; Navigation Term Highlight. (1/98), 805    Amending section 18.02.020 amending the boundary of the Town of Genoa to include properties located on the north side of Foothill Meadows Court. 514 Progress Dr, Suite A Linthicum Heights, MD 21090 1-800-683-NFSA (6372) Where We are Located. (02/05) (Not codified), 1101  Providing for the issuance of “2005 Parking Garage Bonds”. (4/20), 1567 Enacting a revision and codification of the general ordinances of Douglas County, Chapter 18.06, Gardnerville. 209, building code (15.04), 220    Dogs, repeals Ord. Douglas County, Nevada » GOVERNMENT. THE COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS OF THE COUNTY OF DOUGLAS DOES ORDAIN AS FOLLOWS: SECTION I. 1464 Adopting the Second Amendment to the Development Agreement and Infrastructure Agreement between Douglas County and Clear Creek Residential, LLC pursuant to NRS 278.0205 and DCC Chapter 20.400, extending the construction schedule for water system improvements. Departments . 1473 Amending Title 20, Appendix F “Water Facilities,” section 20.F.070(C) Basis of Billing, by adding language to provide for adjustments to the monthly bill due to water leaks. (11/95) (Not codified), 734    Adopting the second amendment to the Chichester Estates Development Agreement. (09/07), 1209  Amending Section 20.694.100 Landscape Design Standards, removing the requirements that multi-family development must improve 50 percent of their common open space areas with turf, and adjusting the language to allow a combination of turf and xeriscape design to promote water conservation. (6/92), 562    Amending section 18.12.020 to establish the boundary of the town of Genoa to include all recent annexations. (08/04) (Not codified), 1078  Amending section 18.06.020 amending the boundary of the town of Gardnerville. (02/00) (Not codified). It also limits the age and times a female dog may be bred. If you are looking for specific ordinance use the Ordinance Reference Listing below. (12/98), 863    Amending section 20.658.010 to allow for division of land for the purposes of creating building envelopes or individual units within non-residential zoning districts where the proposed parcels do not meet the minimum required parcel size. (7/17) 2.18, additional marriage license fee (Repealed by 307), 302    Amends 6.08.020, 6.08.030 and 6.20.010, animals (Title 6), 303    Amends Ch. (8/96), 753    Adopting the development agreement South Ridge tentative subdivision map and planned unit development project.