Here's another dog from my breeder who seems to have silky hair (though longer than Kylie maybe?) That's one of the cool things about the tri coat vs. the merle coat (I think anyways :P). My girl Kylie who is a black tri seems different then all your photos of Indie. And most adults maintain their color When I have petted I'd love to check out your video, but it said it was private so I wasn't able to watch. My mini is in the awkward phase, he’s 4 months old. Australian Shepherds are full of energy and require a large amount of stimulation — even as puppies you should play with them frequently and start some light training to occupy their minds. Cosmo went Thanks for the post! Mostly I do this to distribute oils, keep his coat shiny, and check for any hair that has been shed. Several distinct types of color change are known to occur effects. from a normal blue merle to a completely white dog in the space Puppies lose their puppy coats between 4-to-6 months of age, although this time frame varies widely from breed to breed and can start at 12 weeks or … often fill in with pigment. I have dark wood floors in my house and I don't feel like I have huge balls of hair rolling around (like some have reported). white spots. that nasty coating on your hand, do you know what I'm talking about? If sun bleaching is uneven and in patches, the Well, thankfully not Indie. History: Despite what the breed name suggests, the Australian Shepherd did not originate in Australia. I love comparing notes and it's helpful to know what others experience with their mini's. And these faults are not officially recognized by the American Kennel Club. In my experience, it seems merles have the "fluffier" coats and tri's and bi's get more the silky flat lying coat. Not all merles darken, some canine chameleons. on the back at birth, the breeder should inform the buyer that they were He looks like he has more whirls in his coat. Does Indie have a similar looking coat to your dog? The recognized colors are blue merle, red (liver) merle, solid black, and solid red (liver) all with or without white markings and/or tan (copper) points with no order of preference. We’ll look at all the colors and lengths, and then dive deep into care and grooming. My girl is black and white, her fur rather thin at 4 months. I was worried, because Indie has white feet, that they would always appear yellowish or dingy. I definitely try to comb using the flea comb. The Australian shepherd's outer coat is of medium texture, neither harsh nor soft. German shepherd coats also come in a huge variety of colors and lengths. There are be born with a number of lacy looking near white areas distributed I liked the chicken feathers stage too. I stumbled across your page while doing some Mini Aussie research. What are Aussie ears supposed to look like? Over the first two years of life, your German Shepherd puppy will change its coat frequently. Start your search today by connecting with one of our top-rated breeder/business partners, and prepare to discover just how awesome life is with an ethically raised Australian Shepherd puppy at your side! can resemble red tris (or bis, or selfs). I mean, you don't look at an aussie think "Man, that's a lustrous, shiny coat!" My fiance and I are so thrilled about this. Thank you ! Before this we lived in Santa Barbara, CA and it had a moderate climate so he didn't shed much there either. In the pics below, it looks thick, but it's really not. Many years … Aussies coat's are meant to shed the dirt and I find this to be true with Indie. On the puppy color change page, we have two puppies whose color changed dramatically over the course of birth to 1 year. Neither of us know about puppies or puppy breeding and she was certainly never expecting this litter. I don’t have facilities to bathe her myself, so I take her to the groomer for that – whenever I think she needs it as she is always in the house. Nikki was several years older when she turned white, and the change was accompanied by some changes in coat texture as well. Helps so much for those delicate spots behind the ears. All in all I would say Kylie's shedding is minimal but if I have neglected her weekly brushings due to work or whatever I will notice more fur on the bed linens. In many dog breeds the color of the puppy is fairly similar Her tail is docked yet she looks like a border collie with a short nose and small head. Then we have color changes less easily explained! to the adult coloration. I could not be more satisfied with his coat! Wish I had a Merle. I did lightly trim his butt once because they got long, but then realized it actually looked better that way. Thanks Emma! The black spots and patches on a blue merle Aussie will likely become slate colored instead. Joanne recommends: “Because the Aussie I have now has a long, heavy coat, I do brush often and use a rake to get through any parts of the coat that are ready to shed. There are tons of Australian Shepherd puppies out there just waiting to be discovered. I had a shepherd mix growing up and he shed If we're out on a walk and he jumps into a pond or a lake, by the time we get back to the car you can't even tell he even went splashing around. Not fleas & not skin issues I have checked thoroughly & it's just that area. Aussies are cotton ball fluffy when they're tiny and then they loose all that fluff and have this thin, soft, wispy chicken feather coat for a while during their adolescent phase. dog may superficially resemble a merle even if he is a solid. I noticed it when she was a puppy (she just turned 2 last month) even between her and her two siblings. documenting this progressive change over several years, but I'll Breeders state that the color-related coat changes can often be particularly dramatic in the first two months (8 weeks) of your puppy’s life. Once he's dry, the dirt just falls right out. Some dogs have this "stink" and is stays on your hand. Slightly longer than tall, he has a coat of moderate length and coarseness with coloring that offers variety and individuality in each specimen. Red hair tends to sun bleach I take her to the groomer probably about every 5 weeks or so. Mine is what I call a cute little scrub right now. Self cleaning dog! Health Issues. I wondered when he would get his dense adult fur. The second This means that their soft puppy fluff will change color for some breeds, and will also start to change in texture. I love hearing feedback. It gets thicker in the winter to protect against the elements. Indie can play hard and not get a back for weeks and he's never greasy or smelly. Also a 6 mo. Adding to the coat colors, this breed comes in a range of eye colors such as green, blue, brown, hazel and amber. in old age blue merles can resemble black tris and red merles The coat is of medium texture, straight to slightly wavy, weather resistant, of moderate length with an undercoat. He tends to get dreads on his butt hairs and behind his ears from grass seeds getting stuck in his goose down-like feathers and I just cut these out with scissors when I feel them. Would you consider doing a coat series with your black tri as well? She isn't the biggest fan of brushing but tolerates it well. I remember when I met all three pups (all black tris with different faces) her brother and sister even in the cottony phase seemed to have coarser fur than her. Glad you found this useful. I have also heard (in a couple of cases) the dog food can affect the hair coat/color. The breed standards describe a moderate sized, triangular ear with a slightly rounded tip that sits high on the head. Of course, breeders might only keep dogs with the thickest coats for show purposes, but they throw puppies of all sorts for home/companion animals. I have noticed female's coats tend to be 'shorter' over all compared to males. I love seeing the progression of how the coat changes over the first year. unchanged throughout their adult lives. The best way to achieve a healthy coat, aside from light amounts of brushing on occasion, is to feed your mini high quality food! Just a dab on your fingers will do the trick and it won't your pup. The reds can vary in shade from very light to so dark that they can appear nearly black. Have a new blog post up now with some cute photos of us with Indie at our wedding :) Anyways, thanks for sharing this update about Kylie! After you pet them you have this stink on your hand and you have you to go wash it off. Hope it gives the right impression of this awesome breed! For show purposes sun bleaching can be avoided by limiting the I will keep updating this post as he gets older. Thank you for the pictures. Several distinct types of color change are known to occur in the breed. By the time they are several months old such areas It can range from straight to wavy but should be moderate in length. Australian Shepherd dogs have a double coat. Kylie is an example of this color.Red: With or without white and/or copper trim. I agree about the weekly brushings, definitely good if one can do that to minimize shedding. The thickness of their undercoat will depend on the time of year. I love it! Just wondering if they change colors like blue heeler puppies or red heeler puppies. They go through a coat change where their puppy coat changes to an adult coat. For reasons we don't yet understand, some Yes! I don't yet have a series of photos Well, this depends on the age. Not so, they are ULTRA white all the time even if he's stepped in anoxic bog mud. individuals will go through some remarkable color Oooo, good to know about the Olive oil trick! shorter hair breeds of dogs, I feel there is this plume of hair that wisps up into the air each time you stroke them. This helps not only with faster/less shedding but helps keep the coat shiny and healthy, along with healthy skin and joints. The silky texture and length is almost identical (the photo for my profile is from when she was about 8/9 months so much shorter). I really enjoyed seeing the coat growth from someone who isn't a breeder. The Australian Shepherd’s muzzle is equal or slightly shorter than the back skull, and the teeth should form scissors or level bite. Oh this is awesome! It is important to give them access to fresh water, especially in warmer months. page shows two cases of dramatic depigmentation of adult dogs. It looks awesome and styled as it is! His coat lays flat against his body and it has a slight shine to it. On the same page is "Red", a red puppy that as a puppy was clearly a dilute but darkened by maturity so that she does not look dilute even though she is. 5 mos. This is temporary, however, and like you would with a cocker spaniel or maybe golden retriever, but it really is quite shiny! Well lets just say the biggest maintenance aspect of these dogs is not their coats! I will try that. Aussies are attractive and steal your heart with various coat colors. Indie is a fun & beautiful looking aussie(:. I can't stand dogs who have oily, musky smelling coats. silvering of the muzzle and face that is not due to geriatric The Australian Shepherd has a double coat that is designed to keep him warm in cold weather and cool during the heat of summer. The Australian Shepherd, commonly known as the Aussie, is a medium-sized, robust, and well-balanced dog. In Flame's case, his black tri birth coat was replaced by a silvery silvery color was again replaced by normal black by the time he was near 1 yr old. not all. That was a breed "perk" that I definitely did not expect. During this time German Shepherd puppies will change from their birth color to the young coat that will resemble their coat as an adult. When we say “dramatic,” this may also mean your puppy’s coat starts dark, gets light, and then gets dark again. This can take place as early as six months or as late as 10 months, but it’s safe to say the shedding process begins from 6 to 10 months of age. In the case of white spots over the body. The outer layer of guard hairs is straight, long and silky, lying close to the dog’s body. It's amazing actually. The coat can change in very different ways. merle areas fairly light. Love your pictures! Love the photo of you two :) Hey, sorry for my late reply here...had to drop off the face-of-the-earth earlier to get married, start a new job, and do some house repairs. be quite extensive and can turn dark liver individuals to the A plan for that is in the works because I think they're quite different. Many blue merles and red merles are born with their merle areas fairly light. The Australian Shepherd is a well-balanced dog, no matter whether Standard, Miniature or toy. Overall, I find my dog's coat to be very soft, especially the part on top of his head. changes as puppies, prior to reaching their adult coloration. The ears may break forward or to the side (“rose” ear) when at attention. I do have a question if anyone reads this... Hazel, now that her butt hair is coming in is biting back there a lot.. The fur on the back is dense and less fluffy (but in a soft way) while the butt is very fluffy and also prone to dreading. Indie is such a handsome boy. as soon as the dead coat is shed out the dog's actual color emerges Once a week I comb out her ears and tail feathers with a flea comb. So far, I haven't met one where I felt that way. In fact, someone in Home Depot asked me if I had his hair professionally done to look that way. Kylie is SO cute!! Bacon barely sheds at all & we get her groomed every 3 months or so & just get the butt trimmed & keep the beautiful lion mane. Many blue merles and red merles are born with their Indie's coat is more dry and soft instead of silky, greasy, and sleek. in the breed. I think Huck will have a glistening, glossy coat when he's older. I am forever thankful!!! Well, this depends on the age. Probably the most common type of color change is that of progressive darkening. Coat Color. There is a section on the Harlequin Red merle and white Australian Shepherd puppy Mixed groups . Yes, I've been excited to make this post since Indie was a puppy! Another common cause of color change is found in reds and red Harlequin puppies may Each dog’s coat and eye colour are individual. Thank you for the progression pictures! Our house does not have that "dog smell." not known. merles. The quantity of undercoat varies with climate. Thanks for sharing! spots on the back tend to lose them as they mature. I'd be very interested to see the black tri coat. A red Australian Shepherd will likely become a beige, such as a Weimaraner. Not too cold in winter, but pretty hot in the summer. They are so soft when they're little. Hmmm....yes, maybe your climate affects her coat. Have you come across any more 'silky' coated aussies?Also! but it does occur more frequently than previously supposed. Labs seem to shed constantly. You can also try to add fish oil to her diet. In It took several weeks to shed it all once we were back in Florida.I don't know how the weather is in Arkansas but Kylie is blowing her coat right now for the summer.