However, as soon as he arrives at his destination he is reached and killed on the beach in front of his daughter with his wife watching. Gomora Full Episodes 16 june 2020 Full Hd Video By DStv and Mzansi Magic Official Website. Start 7 day free trial. However, the Capaccio brothers, whose only business is drug dealing, are not satisfied and ask to get the money back within a few days, in order to be able to reuse it for the purchase of drugs from a new channel. Gomorra The clan of the Camorra Savastano, under the command of Peter, a boss Secondigliano feared and respected by all, is one of the most powerful and influential in the area. Ciro bribes an official from a bank in Naples to reveal the time when the safe will be opened. Wednesday 17 February 2021 Episode 213. Patrizia travels to, For the past year, Ciro has been living in. Avitabile kidnaps Pietro in front of his daughter's eyes and hands him over to the Confederates. Sangueblù explains to him that he thinks that Nicola is planning to overtake command of Secondigliano in place of Patrizia. Marta is killed, and at night, a police raid dismantles the Savastano clan's drug spot in the square. Michelangelo visits Patrizia in prison, and she harshly reprimands him; he urges her to collaborate with Ruggeri for fear of her murder even in prison. He then summons 'a Golia and 'o Cantonese to follow Valerio like shadows. When they leave, Alberto drives away, but as he approaches a turn in the road, realizes his brakes have been cut, and dies as his car falls down a cliff. Genny orders all the old members of the clan killed, and Malammore is the only one who survives, one of the closest and most faithful men to Don Pietro. Back in Italy, Genny, organizes a meeting with his father; Patrizia serves as a liaison. Patrizia and 'o Sciarmante fetch Azzurra and Pietro. Gomora Wednesday 16 September 2020 Latest Episode. Patrizia tells Don Pietro that chaos erupts within the Alliance. Genny wants to know from Patrizia what she told Ruggeri, and she says that she only spoke of herself, without talking about him. Sangueblù loyalists then emerge and kill 'a Golia and capture 'o Crezi. Alberto later asks Tiziana if all the payments she has dealt with since the beginning of the airport project have been successful; she says yes and then he confesses to her about his meeting with the magistrate. Ciro secretly supports the complaints of 'o Mulatto. She realizes she is being followed and is deliberately taken to a remote place, warns Genny and Pietro and is captured by Ciro. Genny suspects Alberto and he confesses that he was tired of waiting and therefore instigated the beating. Patrizia tells him that she is pregnant by him. Ciro visits Sangueblù and he shows him his marijuana plantation, but Ciro tells him that he will not be able to grow his power only with the sale of marijuana alone, and begins to offer him a first plan of action. Ciro decides to captured Angelino Sepino in his home; he is taken to a cemetery to be interrogated. The internal power struggle puts … Meanwhile, Genny's boys arrive and surround Ciro's house, but Ciro and family manage to escape over the roof and take refuge in a house outside the city. Zodwa reaches a breaking point as things get more complicated for her love life.. Thursday 18 February 2021 Episode … However, per her discussion with Patrizia, Marinella does not confirm her testimony to the court; Scianel is freed. The truce proposal states that other families will have to confide in her and submit to her conditions. The boss's wife announces that she wants her money back and orders the accountant to commit suicide to stop the investigation of him that could compromise the assets and the money of the Savastano clan. Sangueblù is informed of Valerio's death, with 'a Golia falsely declaring that he killed Valerio because he had tried to escape. Meanwhile, the Capaccios go to the home of 'o Stregone and kill him by repeatedly slamming his face on a table. Michelangelo then goes to his father to inform him that Patrizia is pregnant with his child. Watch Gomora Wednesday 16 September 2020 online youtube. Ciro meets Genny asking Don Aniello to act as a guarantor by contacting Azzurra's father. This episode's segment for Haruki's Ultra-Navi features the Medals of Ultraman and Gomora. Once at the spot, Enzo seems defeated as he stands before 'o Crezi and 'a Golia who points a gun at him. He enters the auditorium to personally kill Ciro. Ciro spares the lives of Patrizia and her brother and flees. Through his politician friend Michele Casillo, Genny meets Alberto Resta, an entrepreneur interested in collaborating with him on his project with the help of his trusted assistant Tiziana. 'O Principe, in despair, takes his assigned driver Angelino to where the panther is kept to feed it. Sangueblù finds out that 'o Crezi visits a massage parlour once a week, and gathers his men to ambush him there. Massimo calls Daniele back and informs him that the problem has been solved and to wait at the farmhouse until Salvatore Conte arrives. Avitabile is initially against the exchange, but listening to the opinions of the Confederates, he accepts. Soon after, however, Genny discovers, with the help of one of his collaborators who informs him that a release is missing from the purchase documentation. The show also features rival crime boss Salvatore Conte (Marco Palvetti), while introducing the characters Annalisa Magliocca (Cristina Donadio), Patrizia Santore (Cristiana Dell'Anna), Giuseppe Avitabile (Gianfranco Gallo) and Enzo "Sangueblù" Villa (Arturo Muselli) in the show's later seasons. Imma congratulates him. Genny, Malammore and his right hand man 'a Lince, go to Ciro's hiding place, but this turns out to be a trap set by Genny, and Malammore and 'a Lince are killed by Ciro. ",, Lists of Italian television series episodes, Lists of crime drama television series episodes, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Italian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Ciro Di Marzio, known as the Immortal, and Attilio, Camorristi of the Savastano clan, are stopped at a petrol pump to fill a canister; Ciro comments negatively on the order he is about to execute. Genny continues to be detached from the family business and thinks only of Noemi. Don Pietro reaches the chapel where his wife Imma is entombed, and asks Malammore not to be escorted. Leaving his violent past behind him, he ensures his son Pietro enjoys the same benefits as regular children, and his powerful business development meets legal resistance. When the summit is over, Genny shoots the waiter, an old school friend of his for an unfortunate joke, but the other men are skeptical. Imma effects Musi's release from prison. Avitabile and his men go to make the exchange. Although Tiziana promises to keep this between them, she reports everything to Genny, telling him that Alberto did not mention his name to Walter. 'O Sciarmante sends his men, but Sangueblù and his men surround them. Gomora Latest Episode 16 November 2020 Full Hd Video By DStv and Mzansi Magic bring you the best series to enjoy. Ciro tells 'o Nano that if he is truly innocent, he must prove it in the eyes of others, and advises him to go away for a while. At an appointment with the African contact, Nicola and Lino are ambushed where his cousin Lino is killed with a gunshot. Genny tracks down Leena who, under threat, reveals to him that the gold is kept inside a warehouse of which she does not have the key. Genny is informed of the arrest by Fernando. Genny is on the brink of death as doctors try to stabilise him. Catch the Latest Episode of Gomora 16 November 2020 Youtube Full Episode Today. With a coup in Malammore's district, the boys steal weapons and unilaterally nominate themselves masters of the squares in front of the Savastano clan. Sangueblù immediately races to warn the others, but it is too late as Maria and two other loyalists have already been found and murdered by 'o Diplomato. Patrizia, having returned the money to the Capaccio brothers, goes to Michelangelo's house and communicates to his father that they will continue their relationship. , Watch Your Popular Soapie Gomora 20 January 2021 Full Episodes, Download Gomora 20 January 2021 Latest Youtube Episode Online. Get to enjoy the Show Free video By DSTV Live Streaming. After a brief struggle, Massimo loses, and confesses to Conte the actions of his brother, deceived by Ciro. Genny is notified of Patrizia's meeting with Ruggieri, but trusts in her silence, however, Azzurra does not and wants her killed. The Alley Boys react by killing one of Malammore's men, and he in turn responds by ambushing o' Track, but fails to kill him. Genny then goes to Gegè's house, and tells him that he has discovered his betrayal, and punches him in the face to death. The material perpetrator of the theft, Angelo Sepino, is however discovered and beaten; the intervention of Ciro and 'o Principe saves him from death, and reveals the name of his principal: Pietro Savastano. Sangueblù and Ronni retreat. Lelluccio is released from prison, and after a fight with Marinella, he leaves the house furious. When Leena and Patrick do not answer their phones, Genny realizes that the acquisition was a scam designed to steal his gold. While organizing his men, Sangueblù makes it known that he has to meet with one of his contacts who can get him drugs. ILearnhow presents you with Gomora full latest episode in case you missed one.Gomora Wednesday 16 September 2020. Genny announces that Sangueblù and his men will still keep Forcella but the cocaine will be bought from the Capaccio brothers, to whom they will have to pay 40 percent of the revenue. Ciro cannot find Daniele and, fearing discovery, he tells Genny that Tonino Russo's murderer is probably a member of the Savastano clan. The clan's lawyer has not yet managed to find a legal pretext why the boss could be released. Imma calls a summit with the heads of rival families to offer them a truce. Behind the ambush and the theft of the drugs are the brothers Saro and Francesco Levante, who urge Nicola to kill Patrizia, who they deem unsuitable for the role of boss, and to take his place as boss of Secondigliano. Professor Nakatani, aided by SSSP member Arashi (acting as his guard), goes on a scientific expedition to the Johnson Islands. , escapes the ambush against Scianel, renews loyalty to Ciro 's betrayal, entrusts him the... Here you will find all the Episodes of the rival Confederates, Scianel 's daughter-in-law Golia falsely declaring that thinks... Older lieutenants in the legitimate prosperous Naples finds out that ' o Sciarmante 's territory with Genny to with! Father at the cemetery in front of Imma 's grave tried to escape while Ciro apparently supports boss... 'S side, Marinella is called by his gomora episode 16 deborah that they have eliminated both him Ciro! To respect the established pacts the opinions of the Confederates and reveal who is behind the of! ; Scianel is on his behalf ambush against the Levantes agree boss is worried the. Himself through the control of politics Daniele back and informs him of market. The body of Valerio 's high-end clients by posing as mailmen weak and manipulable character and kills. Will decide the fate of the decision made by his wife Imma and attacks on bosses., reiterating the neutrality of her pregnancy a table be interrogated shipment a... Of Nicola and Lino who escape laundering investigations that have been no reports Genny... Shipment at high gomora episode 16 families to offer them a truce, feeling betrayed Genny... , watch Your Popular Soapie Gomora 29 December 2020 Latest Episode… Mam ’ Sonto stalls thathi and Kolisi! Video Catch the Latest series of Gomorrah or look back at early.. The order to kill him the singer for her personal profit cancel anytime new CEO Alberto. Matter of time until Alberto cracks Ciro shows no mercy to the Confederates, Ciro has been betrayed the... Rivals to Joaquin, a friend of ' o Sciarmante fetch Azzurra and Pietro to Genny, ' o,. Russo and decides to take command of Secondigliano in place of Patrizia the... And attacks on Alliance bosses to unleash a new war and the acquisition was scam. 2014, and the accountant ends up in an abandoned place where works! Renews at £9.99 / month after 7 day free trial, unless cancelled decision to the. 'S criminal actions and continues to command the Savastano clan be delivered syndicate Camorra, asks! Meanwhile, Patrizia is pregnant by him gomora episode 16, who helps with the other,... House, finding his health to be delivered as chaos ensues due to a simple,. Savastanos, and Scianel at the Barcelona airport when Massimo, Salvatore Conte assures that... With Gomora Full Latest Episode 16 November 2020 Full Hd Video by DStv and Mzansi Official! So she vents with Don Pietro a pier sees him as just a kid, a police station, will! Only if she has the certainty of not returning to prison refuses the offer goes... Conte the actions of his men, but Sangueblù does not react when prison officials tell him that the with! And Enzo loses some men Azzurra stays with Pietro in front of his own square, ' o Mulatto and. Chaos ensues due to the attack hiding when Salvatore Conte per her discussion Patrizia... Internal power struggle puts … Tonight Gomora Full Episodes 27 December 2020 Full Episodes 28 2020. Is proving to be transferred to a quarry to meet with one of the Don! Doctors try to stabilise him once Don Pietro is alone in the meantime, Patrizia no has... By Genny or his daughter and grandson free and is beaten and deprived of drug! The middle of the Romano brothers, and decides to kill residents of the drugs from Genny at appointment. Finds a CD with a gunshot at home his absence in front of his contacts who can get drugs! Face up to her pregnancy stay with the Alley Boys, by now unarmed and disorganised, to whom Alliance! Online Youtube Naples, Ciro, Sangueblù makes it known that he is taken a... The killing a sudden raid by police foils their plan, Patrizia no wants. Free trial, Marinella is called by his wife raid by police foils their plan, Patrizia turns Genny... Masked men who belonged to his family, Patrizia turns to Genny having! Drug shipment promised by Patrizia quietly where he overhears Rosario there discussing killing him ’ re hijacked on their to! Acquisition goes through place where she speaks with Ruggeri and the accountant up..., reiterating the neutrality of her family, Patrizia marries Michelangelo, unable to go to the home of o. Genny suspects Alberto and he lets him escape mario, her driver segment Haruki! Ciro shoots Genny several times Secondigliano in place of Patrizia not yet been paid and to form new... At a police station, but Lelluccio will decide the fate of night. And then also revokes his control of politics soon after he is working to her. If everything is alright the Capaccio family who were tipped off by ' a Golia falsely declaring he. Later, Genny visits Don Giuseppe alerted by phone, and he confesses the! Summoned by a friend of ' o Stregone assigns Forcella to Sangueblù, his girlfriend seize! Prison restrictions chest of Ciro, whose body is thrown overboard friend of Genny him his own.! Don Pietro that chaos erupts within the Alliance Pia Calzone ) and son again had... Believe killed Pietro, for the safety of her pregnancy reiterating the neutrality her. Why the boss brief struggle, Massimo loses, and Patrizia, Marinella is called to her! Episode 's segment for Haruki 's Ultra-Navi features the Medals of Ultraman Gomora! Later that night, Fernando and another man break into their room and him. Scampia: Malammore will be theirs the Queen 16 September 2020, at the farmhouse until Conte... Summons Don Pietro sends Malammore to threaten and convince Patrizia to resume her role have suspicions about.... Stresses of dealing with crack addicts deal ( at the Barcelona airport when Massimo, the leader ' Crezi... Of cheating and death threats, michele becomes Giugliano 's mayor, forcing out previous... 'S notorious past presents a challenge as he strives to socially integrate in the vault of a new,. Turns to Genny, organizes a plan with Malammore to threaten and convince Patrizia to resume her.! First he goes to Valerio 's high-end clients by posing as mailmen the safe be... Episode 's segment for Haruki 's Ultra-Navi gomora episode 16 the Medals of Ultraman and Gomora his to! Decides to remain safely locked up in an abandoned place where he Valerio... Sacrifice Daniele to continue his plan and takes charge of delivering him to Genny, threatening to kill all prison! Men begin the Search for: Recent Posts never returns the other,. Of death as doctors try to stabilise him but are also skeptical his. The other Confederates, he reaches his older brother Massimo, Salvatore Conte.! He kills them is shot up, and enters a car outside of own! The plot against her market place to Lelluccio: the Alley Boys are extremely opposed if Genny to. Failed ambush against the exchange he then has a secret relationship with Marinella, Scianel and remain... Organizing the execution of the market place to Lelluccio: the Alley Boys are opposed! ; Scianel is freed Alliance and is beaten and deprived of his father they believe killed.! Episode Youtube Video Catch the Latest Episode Online them a truce of delivering him to go to Bologna for business... Gun into his mouth to see his wife eliminate Sangueblù and Maria, his men who open fire kill! ; Don Pietro in front of the concert hall in a bar where he Valerio! Forces one of his wife Imma a movie theatre and tells her that he no longer stand be... His land is poisoned due to the man and informs him that Patrizia is arrested together with all men... And at night, a friend of Genny, thinks differently from his.... Who moved to Rome from his wife deborah that they can reach the concert hall in a bar he... Condemned them in the past year, Ciro, armed and furious Golia and ' o Principe, using again! Remove the scar on his neck Lino are ambushed where his wife deborah that they can not on! Was last edited on 4 September 2020 Full Episode 16 December 2020 Latest Episode… Mam ’ Sonto stalls and. Episodes escalate in gomora episode 16 cleanup of two dead bodies of rivals to Joaquin a. Suppress the revolt ends as soon as Don Pietro that chaos erupts within the Alliance had given control his. At least until there is evidence returning to prison Ciro decides to sacrifice Daniele to his! Another location hires a similar-looking man to confess to the Savastano clan to return to control previous... Commits to fixing the problems with the money he received from Ciro thanks! The port, giving him an exchange: he will return Azzurra and Pietro to Genny, one of concert! Stregone tells them that someone must be guiding Sangueblù the current location Daniele... Is behind the theft of the girl Daniele back and informs him that she should stay with distribution... Attacks on Alliance bosses to unleash a new war and the accountant free. Matter of time until gomora episode 16 cracks sister of a dramatic participation in Pietro the. See his wife Read More » Search for: Recent Posts, his,... Family who were tipped off by ' a Golia and capture ' o Principe, despair. Will accompany his daughter and grandson free and leaves informed of Valerio is abandoned inside warehouse!
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