Mission Control have included the angles to which the High Gain Antenna ought to be pointed to give a good radio link with Earth. This is Apollo Control at 62 hours, 29 minutes. "], 114:31:45 McCandless: Okay. (Long Pause). Readback. (Long Pause) Ready to copy. The handprinted addition is quite tidy, suggesting that it was added pre-flight. We'll try it. 114:33:35 Armstrong: I guess we can take a couple of them up now. This means that all lunar events will move forward from the published Flight Plan times by this amount of time - 4 minutes, 39 seconds. Figure 5-8 in the Mission Report is a grainier version of the same image. The correct term would be mass. 112:55:54 McCandless: Roger. Rather than using pumps to feed the propellants into the combustion chamber, engineers decided to have the pressure in the tanks be sufficient to overcome the pressure of combustion. Crew apparently soundly asleep at this time. That sensation kept them both awake. With all that stuff in the cockpit, there's really no place left for people to relax. 114:30:52 McCandless: ...at 114:31. Paul Fjeld calls attention to a 1968 Grumman photo showing a LM panel with the tips in place. "], [The cabin temperature through the rest period was in the range of 61 to 62 degrees Fahrenheit or about 16 degrees Celsius. 112:48:21 McCandless: Say again, Columbia? AS11-42-6195 - Solar corona appearing from behind the Moon. This is Apollo Control; 68 hours, 28 minutes Ground Elapsed Time. And now the final question. "], [To prevent a recurrence of this problem, NASA decided that guards would be placed over the breakers for future flights. We're in the process of switching over to LM Comm here. 113:59:59 Armstrong: Go ahead. Over. 5534, unfortunately all dominated by the bright window behind Buzz. Over. ], [Aldrin, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "Yes. This is Houston. 112:34:06 McCandless: This is Houston. ], [Armstrong - "You can see from this picture (meaning figure 5-8), it does look like it's a somewhat more sharp-edged crater than this one, which is more weathered. I ran into a minor problem in getting it to rotate fully so that I could get the cover on. However, the fact that none of the other crews reported problems with light coming in suggests that the shade design was modified to use a more opaque material. [At 123:55:23, about a half hour before LM liftoff, Ron Evans will give Mike a location only 200 meters from the actual landing site. May require VLC for playback. The crew of Tranquility Base is back inside their base, repressurized, and they're in the process of doffing the PLSSs. "], [I asked if West Crater had been named prior to the mission. LMP reads 09018. How do you read us? 112:24:48 McCandless: Roger. Everything went beautifully. 112:22:37 McCandless: Roger. We've probably got another half an hour's worth of picture taking, and I guess we could run through an eat cycle and then change the canister, and then Depress. One of my favorite things to do was stick my head out the window like a dog on the highway. It was just like a light bulb. I'll have to say that I think I had the better sleeping place. Over. 112:48:40 Collins: Roger. The Service Module contained oxygen, water, and electric power for the command module. I think that's more likely what we did (than kick them out as some later crews did). 112:49:15 Armstrong: Houston, Tranquility Base. 111:59:55 Aldrin: Roger. If we had known then what we know now, we could have preconditioned the cabin a little bit better (in terms of temperature). The fact that Neil sees the corona coming out along the ecliptic suggests that this is the zodiacal light. For this P52, Mike's sightings were to star 06 (Acamar. 114:38:49 Aldrin: No. And that'll be the sleep attitude. Over. Copy. Omni C-Charlie. "], [On the other missions, the crews did what Buzz suggested. Over. Over. 113:00:01 Aldrin: Roger. A slight metallic...That's hard to remember. 112:14:53 Collins: Roger, Houston. There must have been a significant amount of light and heat coming in and just being reflected off the surface. Midcourse Correction burn number 4 has been deleted from the Flight Plan on the recommendation to Flight Director Glynn Lunney from the Flight Dynamics Officer, Jay Greene. At around 73 hours, as their barbecue roll brings them around to an angle of zero, they should stop the roll and perform a P52 platform realignment based on their current REFSMMAT. The planned sleep period has another hour-and-a-half to go but, as mentioned earlier, will likely run another couple of hours in as much as Midcourse Correction burn number 4 will not be made and the crew will not have to spend the time preparing to do the burn, to align the platform and do all the chores necessary for doing a maneuver of this sort. The LM, with its full propellant tanks, is too heavy to be brought Earthward. (Animated) I just think those geology guys just couldn't wait to get more detail and just wanted more information!"]. (Long Pause). "], [The accompanying photo by Stacey O'Brien shows her husband, Journal Contributor Frank O'Brien, lying on the floor of a LM simulator on display at the Cradle of Aviation Museum. This will be piped across to the News Center for anyone who might want to view it again. Have you got the new coordinates for me? Stand by please. (Pause) Houston, this is Tranquility. [Either Bruce has misspoken or has misunderstood Mike's "And that'll be the sleep attitude." I can't see them. 114:05:35 McCandless: Roger. 113:47:40 Aldrin: Roger. On the LM, between the right and left crew positions, Against the abnormally bright background, then, the disturbed soil looks dark. Thomas used a NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University mosaic showing the Moon's north pole. Thad Roberts was a former intern at NASA, who served a 6-year sentence in a federal prison after having sex with his girlfriend on a bed full of stolen moon rocks gathered from the Apollo 11 … Third, after I got into my sleep stage and all settled down, I realized that there was something else shining in my eye. 114:44:01 Armstrong: Yeah, let's...We'll postpone our answer to that one until tomorrow. It's just that there seems to be a limit to the number of P22's and the number of grid squares you can search. 112:23:31 McCandless: Columbia, this is Houston. (Pause). Putting the area of the MESA in shadow also put the (TV) cable in the shadow. We were very comfortable when we completed our activities and were bedded down. May require VLC for playback. We rigged up something to hang something over the top of the AOT to cut that out. They reported that they were finished eating at 113:17:52. Apollo 11 oli ensimmäinen Kuun kamaralle laskeutunut miehitetty avaruuslento.Lento oli samalla Apollo-ohjelman viides miehitetty avaruuslento ja ohjelman kolmas lento Kuun kiertoradalle. Wasn't it out in front of us? "], [Armstrong - "I don't think there's anything sinister. We didn't have any problems; I didn't notice you (Neil) had any difficulty giving the packages the heave-ho. We've got new information. 114:38:24 Garriott: Roger. That's also the way it appeared from the television, I think. 112:49:23 Armstrong: Roger. 114:36:06 Garriott: Roger. "], [Aldrin, from the 1969 Technical Debrief - "The (replacement LiOH) canister container behind the ascent engine removed very easily, and we were able to jettison it without any problems. Understand the description there. So I must have pushed one in and broke one off (with his PLSS prior to doffing). Finally, in the post-landing panorama taken out Buzz's window (123k), the hill on the horizon beyond the tip of the LM shadow and the similarly-sized hill farther to the right are part of the Cat's Paw rim, as can be seen in a comparison of a detail from 5447 with portions of frames AS11-40-5882 and 5882a from Buzz's plus-Z pan. As is normal throughout a flight, Mission Control are ensuring the crew will have enough information to hand in case they lost communications and have to return to Earth themselves. And you'll be enabling quads Alpha and Bravo on the Auto RCS select switches. Latitude 00 decimal 691...That would be plus 00.691. (Long Pause; LM pressure starts toward zero) Tranquility, this is Houston. Apollo 11 is now 8,188 nautical miles from the Moon, approaching at a velocity of 4,324 feet per second. Next subject, did... 114:40:02 Garriott: Roger. RCS (Reaction Control System, the steering jets) Alpha is 81 percent; RCS Bravo, 75 percent. Presently being tracked by the tracking station at Honeysuckle Creek in Australia. Do you have a way of showing the configuration of the engine arm circuit breaker? 114:46:45 Garriott: Roger. (Pause) Mark. 111:56:08 Armstrong: (Garbled) read? Apollo 11 is traveling at a velocity of 3 thousand... stand by. This orientation is calculated to match the orientation of the landing site at the time of landing. I certainly thought I had. Image by LPI. 114:24:27 McCandless: Stand by, Tranquility. On your mission timer, we wanted to pull the circuit breaker and let it cool down for an hour and a half to 2 hours. Apollo 11's distance from the Moon now is 1,516 nautical miles [2,808 km]; 1,516 nautical miles. You want a crew status report? Also bear in mind that there could be three uplinks - CSM, LM and EASEP/ALSEP. (46 min 59 sec; 43 Mb) from the Public Affairs loop starting at about 111:56:00. I guess I'd have more concern about Mike's ability to continue, because he's quite active moving back and forth and doing a lot of manual tasks with the sextant that we didn't have to do. T8, 114:30:57; T9, 116:29:10; T10, 118:27:23; T11, 120:25:36; T12, 122:23:49. There's no problem fuel-wise. Over. – Source 7. Therefore a 6-kilogram mass on Earth would still be 6 kg on the Moon. 112:22:06 McCandless: Oh, we don't mind a bit! 111:56:47 McCandless: Tranquility Base, this is Houston. What Neil is reporting out as far as two lunar diameters (80 solar radii) may be light coming from the outer F-corona. How do you feel? It still got colder and colder. Analysis of the conditions experienced indicated When the Apollo 11 spacecraft lifted off on July 16, 1969, for the Moon, it signaled a climactic instance in human history. With that out of the way, Mission Control will uplink three items; a new REFSMMAT, a fresh state vector, and targeting details for the main burn that will insert them into lunar orbit, the Lunar Orbit Insertion (LOI) burn. “We have a report on the launch heart rates now from the flight surgeon,” a NASA officer announced to the public, 36 minutes after launch. There's that much light that comes through. And the other thing was (that) the Earth was coming through the AOT (Alignment Optical Telescope). In this circumstance, with slightly more propellant reaching the injector, then combustion was a little more vigorous and its pressure a little higher.
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